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  1. Most all the information is right there in the printed label. A US Army cotton khaki short sleeve shirt worn from the late-1950's to the 1980's. This is the earlier style with pleated pockets, and scalloped pocket flaps.
  2. Both halves are marked RIA/1917. 1. Are your suspenders both all one piece? Yes 2. Are the narrower ends constructed in the same way as your standard pair? Yes 3. Do they have the short web billets attached? Yes. I am missing the short adjustable straps with snap hooks that attached to these short billets. Anyone know of any loose ones around? I looked on the inside of the two halves, and there is no evidence of the removal of any other straps.
  3. I have two of these. The one marked to the 8th Evacuation Hospital has a much different method for attaching the shoulder straps on the back than I have seen. It appears to be original period construction. Done for cost, materials, and labor saving?
  4. The Engineer castle on the sleeve is the chevron for a Private First Class of the Corps of Engineers.
  5. 4th Infantry Regiment Distinctive Unit Trimmings worn on coats and shirts that have shoulder loops of (an "epaulet" is a very different thing).
  6. I do not see a brassard on his arm. I do see a private first class of the Corps of Engineers (CE) wearing a M1902 blue uniform and cap with CE branch colored dress cords and tassels. I cannot tell if there is a company letter above the CE castle cap and collar insignia. This would show his unit assignment within the battalion of Engineers.
  7. It appears you're missing the ribbon bar. The length of ribbon is just that, an extra piece of ribbon often included with medal sets for use in custom made ribbon bars and sets of ribbons. It should not be too difficult to find a correct period replacement ribbon bar.
  8. "What non military organization?" I must have misinterpreted what the ALCC is and thought he was a 'general' in that organization.
  9. Google Army Uniform Regulations for the one for the time period you need.
  10. So, if I have it straight, he was a self-appointed or commissioned general officer of a non-military organization he established? And, he self-awarded actual US and foreign medals and decorations to himself? But, that is a nice assemblage of assorted material.
  11. "AIRBORNE" tabs are not qualification badges. They are a part of the SSI with which they are worn. They are not worn by themselves. Not all soldiers assigned to airborne designated units are airborne qualified, but all wear the entire SSI.
  12. Marked like that I think it's for Company D, 308th Machine Gun Battalion. The MG company of an infantry regiment marking would be crossed rifles with the regiment number above and "MG" below. The 308th MG BN was part of the 78th Division.
  13. Yes, soldiers wear the Shoulder Sleeve Insignia for the unit to which they are assigned. Many non-parachute qualified soldiers have been assigned to and worn the SSI of airborne designated units. Non-Green Beret qualified support soldiers assigned to special forces organizations were the SF SSI.
  14. The tropical uniform was authorized to be purchased and worn during hot weather Army-wide in about 1985-86 until the lightweight BDU uniform was fielded. They were available in the Clothing Sales Stores for about $8.00 a set.
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