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  1. I have a question about the WW1 bayo. Is it a M1917?. It´s marked 1913 with a 17 under, was it changed to M1917? If it was, what was it called before that?
  2. Bayonets are not my main interests in collecting but when I see one here in Sweden at the right price, I get it. 1. Remington 1913 2. M1905 SA, 1914. Scabbard is USN MK1 3. M1905 (or are they called M1942?) WT, 1942. Probebly the best bayo in my collection, mint condition. scabbard is USN MK1. 4. M1905E1 RIA 1918 with Bowie tip, scabbard is a cut down USN MK1. 5. M1905E1 RIA 1918 with spear tip, scabbard is a cut down M3 with steel tip. Was that steel tip on the scabbard done during the war or in US? I bought this from Greece. 6. M1 UFH, 1943, scabbard is
  3. I don´t normaly collect WW1 stuff but I couldn´t resist this beautiful canteen. We don´t see much ww1 stuff here in Sweden and I just had to get this. I´m not familiar with WW1 markings, 16th Infantry? Cover has no marking or year and has early snaps, pre 1917? Cup has no markings exept a number. Bottle is AGMco 1918.
  4. I spotted this canteen on a sale site here in Sweden, the hanger was missing but it has the flat cap so I putin a bid and I got it. The canteen is a Wollrath 1943 with a flat cap, didn´t have one of these before and cup is K.M.Co 1944. The pouch locked a little strange, no hook. Turned out to be an A.G. Corp 1942 , m1941 mounted pouch that had been changed to a belt hanger, never seen anything like it. Anyway, I´m happy with it, it was the flat cap that I wanted.
  5. Colonel Thomas H Gunn. Enlisted 1942, pilot in 8th AF, 91st BG during WW2, was pilot for Shoo Shoo Shoo Baby at one occasion, pathfinder pilot during D-Day, promoted to captain in June -44. Served in korea and vietnam as well. The signed photo of him in this uniform is from the late 60ths when he retired.
  6. I think your´re right about that, looks like a net for the danish M48 helmet (the danish M1 clone). and that make sence, many helmet stayed in Europe after the war, many ended up in Denmark and was used for many years, first in the army and then in the civil defence. I have one fixed loop helmet with a US ww2 liner with markings from the danish civil defence. Here is a great page to compare nets from US and Sweden/Denmark. http://matshelmets.se/nets.html
  7. More pictures, only one stress crack and the color of the liner looks a little stange on the picture but it´s dark green.
  8. Saw this helmet on a swedish sale site, sold as "US ww2 helmet". First thought was to let it pass, broken net and a rotten liner but then I noticed that it was a fixed loop helmet with original chin straps so i bougth it, got it for aprox. 65 dollars. My thougth was to replace the liner to a nice Firestone that I already have but after examine it closer, I actually do belive that it´s possible that this helmet and liner has been together since the war. You can also see on the paint of the helmet that the net has been there for a long time. It was very hard to get the liner out of the shel
  9. Saw this one on a sale site in Sweden, in the military section and the description was "folding shovel for camping". I could see the US stamp but no more due to paint and rust. got it for aprox. 11 dollars and fuond the rest of the stamp, AMES 1944. We see a lot of these shovels here in Europe but most of them are post war euro clones. The last time i saw a US made vas a 1943 dated, sold for 40 dollars without cover.
  10. I have 4 jackets/shirts with the same fourragere, they are from a WWII 1st Infantry vet and the yellow fourrageres are for his membership in DAV (disabeled army veterans)
  11. Don´t have to be a pre Pearl Harbor enlistment just because he has a American defense ribbon, he could have been served in the national guard pre ww2.
  12. Nice to see an hand sewn duck patch. I have an 28th infantry jacket with an hand sewn duck patch and some of you guys say that that is a "red flag", that these patches was machine sewn during ww2. Have you seen any more hand sewn duck patches?
  13. Not all of them, you can see brown, black or these brown/black grips (that only appears on WT). It´s unknown why these brown/black grips appears on WT, they where a small supplier of bayonets and maybe they use a local manufacturer for these grips. And also, I wouldn´t dream of messing with my bayonet and change grips just for "adding" value, that´s not why I collect.
  14. Also got this one, a Utica M4 with a M8A1 scabbard made by BM co.
  15. First out is a M1905 made in 1942 (some call them M1942). The scabbard is a is not very interesting, it´s a USN MK1 but the bayonet turned out to be a nice one. It´s 1942 dated made by Wilde Drop Forge & Tool and it´s in very nice shape.
  16. A late answer but here are some info from my friend Rich Mintz. Rich started the 20th AD FB-page and he is admin there. https://www.facebook.com/groups/20thArmoredDivisionInWorldWarII/ "According to the 2001 Veterans Assn. roster, Frank E Boyle served in C CO., 8th AIB, 20th Armored Division. His home address (either then, or WWII-era), was listed in New Haven, Indiana, USA. "
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