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  1. I don't think I've ever had the opportunity to meet him, but always heard what a great guy he was. RIP sir!
  2. I forgot to mention-- When you go to the webpage, you can sign up for our email list to receive auction notices and reminders.
  3. I am working with a family who had several members in the Civil War, and I am trying to separate what goes with each. There are two MOLLUS medals with the following numbers if any members might haver access to the rosters. Thank you in advance! #4382 #14533 Justin
  4. Hi all, a few of us just started a new LiveAuctioneers based auction company to sell militaria that is consigned to us or collections being liquidated. We will be running at least four auctions per year, with the first coming on August 8th, pre-bidding opening in July. Please check out our new website and LiveAuctioneers page to become a bidder: https://www.cnymilitaria.com https://www.liveauctioneers.com/auctioneer/7316/cny-militaria-and-collectibles-auctions/
  5. Scott hit the nail on the head. The auctioneer CAN reopen bidding per the terms, but CHOSE not to. I see no point to doing so in this particular case, and in those occasions (twice ever) where I have heard of an auctioneer exercising such right are both extremely rare and usually something egregiously caused by the fault of the auctioneer. I think it's important to note that such a term of an auction is listed more so to allow the auctioneer an extra right, but not necessarily there to allow you as a bidder to request its use. Personally, I think it's in bad taste to discredit the auction company because of something beyond their control. I can't imagine any auction company, anywhere, reopening bidding after the auction ended based on your request.
  6. The show has been CANCELLED due to recent events. Next show will be in November 2020. Please spread the word to other dealers & attendees.
  7. I have not updated this in a long time, but I just added some great General's uniforms and medal groups to the "For Sale" page. I also accept payment plans. https://www.cnymilitaria.com/shop
  8. A great show worth the trip if you're in the Northeast. I'll be there with several tables.
  9. I agree its good; But I am also the seller of it on eBay
  10. His BSM Citation- Note his service in Luxembourg, which explains the Order of the Oak Crown ribbon.
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