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  1. The top article notes that this service member was presented the Soldiers Medal posthumously after being KIA in the Philippines. I doubt there was another Soldier of the same name, in the Infantry, that received the SM.
  2. Those are sharp looking uniforms!
  3. Any ONE of those finds would be great in a given year, but all of them combined make a great year of collecting!
  4. They aren’t all that desirable unless the name researches out to something really interesting in the service/award history. It’s not uncommon to find these for $5-15 each at shows.
  5. Good alternative to ebay if you’re on Facebook and choose not to sell here is this page on Facebook with may of our members and where people make you offers: https://m.facebook.com/groups/368647170717731/?tsid=0.1502110748247667&source=result
  6. Per forum rules, a price must be publicly stated and this must be posted in the appropriate section if it's now for sale.
  7. Neat group. Interesting that someone would grab what you mentioned and leave the rest behind!
  8. The auction is now open for registration & pre-bidding! https://www.liveauctioneers.com/catalog/175501_fall-militaria-and-ancient-collectibles-auction/
  9. Probably when they wore civvies, riding in civilian vehicles around the local populace. Not well advertised, but happened and you needed to "blend in."
  10. Auction Flyer. Pre-bidding opens on Oct 24th.
  11. Part of the issue was that NYS still has a limit of 50 people at "events" so there was no way, for this show at least, to plan around that.
  12. HIGHLIGHTS INCLUDE: -WWII KIA 82nd Airborne DSC Recipient Market Garden Group -1900's Chief of Insular Affairs Brigadier General Uniforms / Caps -WWII 8th AAF Fighter Wing Commander Brigadier General Archive -Original MOLLUS & Indian Wars Medals -WWII - Korean War US Lieutenant General Medal Archive Group -WWII 9th AAF Colonel Dog Tags & Ribbons Lot -FBI Agent Melvin Purvis Lighter & Nuremberg Trials Card -14K Gold USMA Class of 1926 Ring to a General -8th AAF Gunner Archive with Highly Detailed Combat Diary -WWII Ribbon Bar of Gen.
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