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  1. Probably when they wore civvies, riding in civilian vehicles around the local populace. Not well advertised, but happened and you needed to "blend in."
  2. Auction Flyer. Pre-bidding opens on Oct 24th.
  3. Part of the issue was that NYS still has a limit of 50 people at "events" so there was no way, for this show at least, to plan around that.
  4. HIGHLIGHTS INCLUDE: -WWII KIA 82nd Airborne DSC Recipient Market Garden Group -1900's Chief of Insular Affairs Brigadier General Uniforms / Caps -WWII 8th AAF Fighter Wing Commander Brigadier General Archive -Original MOLLUS & Indian Wars Medals -WWII - Korean War US Lieutenant General Medal Archive Group -WWII 9th AAF Colonel Dog Tags & Ribbons Lot -FBI Agent Melvin Purvis Lighter & Nuremberg Trials Card -14K Gold USMA Class of 1926 Ring to a General -8th AAF Gunner Archive with Highly Detailed Combat Diary -WWII Ribbon Bar of Gen.
  5. Hello,



    Hinds rest is avaible ??



  6. Nice pickups! Store closings can be a great way to add display enhancers to a collection. I’ve seen some people buy the big glass display cases for their war rooms as well.
  7. Uniform looks fine. I wouldn't hesitate on it at all.
  8. Great ribbon bar. Reminds me of this one I have this slated for my November auction. To say this Airman's career was unique, would be an understatement. Lucien Irving "Stag" Thomas, a London native transplanted to Richmond, VA, went to Canada in 1940 and joined the Canadian Black Watch Regiment. He transferred to the RCAF in 1941. As an aerial gunner, he flew over 100 combat missions, personally scoring between 4-7 aerial German aircraft kills (sources differ based on credited vs. probable). He was personally decorated with the Distinguished Flying Medal by King George V at Buckin
  9. The numbers are traceable. The book to trace them comes up for sale on occasion. Here is one ID'd to a Brig. Gen. that I have coming up for auction in Nov.
  10. I really like that style of ribbon bar with the bullion devices.
  11. Very happy to hear this! I can’t wait.
  12. It even looks as of the other side may be correct! I would bet that if this is his promotion ceremony (since he is taking an oath), a family member may have put it on wrong. I've seen similar things happen while in the Army- family pinning stripes on upside down, or Officer rank sideways.
  13. MARK YOUR MILITARIA CALENDARS! Join us for our LIVE webcast auction to be held on November 21st, 2020 at 11:00 AM EST via our LiveAuctioneers bidding platform. Pre-bidding opens at the end of October and features over 400 lots of quality military uniforms, groups, Military and civilian police badges, documents, notable personality autographs and archives, medals, patches, wings, dog tags, rare aviation photos, Ancient Roman Coins and artifacts, political and presidential memorabilia, general collectibles and much, much more! Some preview photos of the items are shown below.
  14. Looks like French or Belgian shoulder boards tacked on to the uniform by An unknowing collector or someone for a costume.
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