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  1. Got it with a Gulf War uniform shirt. Matty
  2. When it rains it pours. Picked this one up last night. 1979 serial number.
  3. It has been camo painted by previous owner. Matty
  4. I have seen similar knives like this marked Pakistan but there quality is very poor. Matty
  5. Picked up this Gerber mk 2. Said to be from a vet who was in Granada, Panama and Gulf war. Serial number places manufacture in 1981. Blade is engraved "William F. Felton" with a social security number. The social security number is from California. Can anyone with access to a soldier database help me with a possible owner for this knife. Matty
  6. Looks like you have one of each. The Canadian one is rarer then the General Cuttlery one. Matty
  7. I forgot, they were also made in Canada under contract. Matty
  8. They were manufactured by General Cuttlery new in the 60's for the shotgun. Matty
  9. They are correct. These were for the Mod 97 pump shotgun used in Vietnam. They are not common bayonets. I have seen them in the $ 150 to $300 range. Matty
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