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  1. I'm with Carlos. I can't believe I haven't seen your site before! Great stuff! Just placed my first order (Yank magazine).
  2. I won something on eBay(delivered today and I'm not home) and this actually worked on the picture that was in the auction! Small size picture and I couldn't make out the last number of the date. Did the above and could make out a 4 (1944). Can't wait to try this on other gear when I get home! THANKS!
  3. I have had a set of black, hard rubber pill vials for some time. I just picked up a bunch of WWII medical supplies and there was another set of vials. The first set is one piece construction of the vial yet the new set I got (that came with a bunch of other definite WWII supplies) are all two piece construction of the vials. This means there is seam running down the sides and across the bottom. Does anyone know if these vials were made by different manufacturers and perhaps different methods of construction during WWII?
  4. This picture is looking from the TV in the picture above towards the other side of the room.
  5. OP...I was having those same thoughts. I mainly was collecting WWII but it was getting out of hand. I had no real focus other than U.S. WW2. I still ended up getting German stuff, EAST German stuff and modern stuff. I just couldn't keep track of it all. I have a small room in the basement and it had a small dry bar and it was just getting to be too much to handle. I wanted to be able to enjoy what I had, not have it sitting in boxes out of sight. I also wanted it to be a room people could hang out in. I've seen a lot of AMAZING displays and man-caves, but a lot of them are so full ther
  6. Great job! Quick question: is the placement of the life preserver belt common? I've not seen it placed like that in pictures. Granted I've never really looked in depth. Or are you going more for a kind of pre-invasion look and the "soldier" is just storing it that way prior to boarding his landing craft?
  7. Thanks for the info 12thengr. I found a set on eBay that has pictures of the nomenclature.
  8. I love this forum! Thanks guys for all the help!
  9. A buddy sent me this picture but didn't have any other details on it. He's willing to going back to get more pics and/or measurements, but don't want to waste his time if it isn't WW2 (which is what I collect). Anyway, can anyone identify or give me an idea on what this trunk is? He said it's bigger than a footlocker (he picked me up a 1943 dated wood footlocker) and the lid fits securely. I don't see any latches and there is no ledge for any insert and it has metal handles. The ID matches the B-4 bag. Any idea what the trunk is?
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