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  1. Nike made a lighweight combat boot while back.
  2. Impressive! and oh, Australian sweat scarf by the way. Until US ordered their own similar to Aus.
  3. Overlord


    Yeah they have the ERDL Beret without patches, and a black Mobile Riverine Force beret.
  4. Hmm sterile with tags removed..could possibly be special force, don't really know.
  5. whats going on with that new Bollenbach grouping? good to see it wasn't broken up.
  6. Ebay seller vincent-be0 has been making fake shit for ages.
  7. Overlord

    My New drawing

    Very impressive i always wished i could draw.
  8. Yeah goodluck, and if the enemy is in range, so are you.
  9. ..if theres ever an apocalypse im chucking all my best stuff on and depending on the situation...surviving!
  10. Anyone else sick of sledge? I'm sick of the guy. Spielberg should have brought in some actors with quality skills. Snafu is the only one i like, he's got that crazy soldier package down pat.
  11. It's a nice article and i think it rings true at the end The amount of fakes coming out of Asian countries is enormous! At one end of the extreme fake spectrum is eggs. Thats right eggs, they make the chemical coloring put it in a resin, into a mold, hot water, its disgusting what their doing to be honest, but they look very, very similar. This is one story from a massive industry, that is potentially so hard to stop, whole villages in China are supported by a 'fake' factories making fake items.
  12. Can't help but think some of these great people would benefit and appreciate it if you told them their doing an awesome job!
  13. I agree, you can't please everyone, some love it, some not so much, I enjoyed the most recent episode though.
  14. Everynow and then a M67 buttpack would turn up on ebay, haven't seen one in a while, i shoulda picked one up then there was a few listed.
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