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    Also anthing to do with the recapture of Corregidor...503d PRCT and the 462nd PFABn.
  1. Duke, No disrespect here. All knowledge is good knowledge...that's why we share. So far my masks are in great condition...knock on wood...after using Armor All. But I can't say I use it on all my masks....just the more moderns ones now that I think about it. A quick search does show that the classic car guys don't care for armor all on their hoses and seals due to long term effects. You sold me. Thanks for the info about food grade silicone spray. I'll have to get some and check it out on the collection. Thanks Dan
  2. Great info 103OVI thanks for sharing. I learn something new everyday on this forum. TK1976 A quick way to tell your filters apart M13 has a black ring M13A1 has a gold ring M13A2 has a green ring TK1976 are you asking because you want to use the mask? There are much better masks out there for personal use than the M17 If it's for display..ehhh...any filter is fine. If for a living display...remove the filter? Dan
  3. Is the filter canister body steel or aluminum? Steel = early filter bodies. Aluminum = not so early Whats the carrier say the mask is? Thanks Dan
  4. ccyooper is spot on. The M17A1 which has the drinking tube and was introduced in 1966. The M17 has 3 basic variants. M17 (1959 - 1992) Plain ole mask. M17A1 (1966 - 1992) with water drinking system and resuscitation tube. M17A2 (1983 - 1992) with water drinking system, MINUS the resuscitation tube. You asked when was the drinking tube used...used in the front line? I look at lots of photos from that time period...66-70 and I don't recall seeing anyone using the M17A1. Start looking online at photos with dates and see what they are wearing. My guess is they were more widespre
  5. That's a nice site, thanks for sharing that dunmore1774. So that's it? Check to see if the all the parts on that website have a "W". That's pretty simple...I was thinking drawing numbers to cross reference etc. 1917...a simpler time. I'll post pics of the disassembly on this thread when I get into it. Thanks Dan
  6. Last night I was cataloging my firearms. I knew I had a Model 1917 rifle in the collection...but after the cataloging process...I found I have 2 Model 1917's. That was a fun surprise...whats funner is the fact they are both Winchesters and they are only 25 digits apart. My question is this, I want to check them both out to see if they are matching and everything is correct. Any good resources out there how to accomplish checking this? I'm having a hard time finding info. From what I can tell, being a Winchester, just make sure everything has a "W" on it....Is that it? No numbers to cr
  7. Man oh man is that a fun find. You have an M2A2 heavyweight gas mask. The heavyweight describes the canister, not the mask itself. With lens inserts even. For obvious reason you can't wear your glasses when you put on the mask, so they made these inserts you pop into the mask lens. Once they were inserted they would stay in place. When it's time to put your mask on, you simply remove your glasses and you dawn your mask. Now you can see They can be easily be removed by pulling them out. They are not permanently attached to the mask in any way, just pressure fit. I can't say
  8. Kris, Thanks for your service. The Navy started phasing out the MCU-2/P in the early 90's It was replaced by the MCU-2A/P.....this version added a microphone connector. Do you recall if your mask had the mic connector or not? The carrier version stayed the same for both masks.
  9. A good inner circle friend of mine was given this patch by Major Arlis Kline himself. I was not there when he gave it to him, but I have no doubt and I am not disputing this fact. Major Kline was the top ranked CO of the 462nd Parachute Filed Artillery Battalion during WWII. These patches are pretty rare a fetch a good buck as many of you know. I have seen these go for up to $1800.00, the last few I have seen sell for just under $1000.00. I am lucky enough to have an original 462nd PFABN patch in my collection and was double lucky to not pay a tenth of the above price for
  10. Let me finish this thought, as it was an open ended comment. What I meant by the quote above is that some of us are concerned only about the "numbers". Production dates, models and series numbers, how to decipher the "codes" etc. But the numbers don't tell us the actual use in most cases. As is the case here, I gave you production dates, and you were looking for use dates. Just wanted to clarify what I meant by the "purist" comment. Thanks Dan
  11. Positive!! Remember...a bunch of us on this site are purists...I'm one of them. The M40 is indeed from 87-94 The M40A1 is from 1992 - 2010 The A1 got ya.... I didn't mention the A1 as we weren't really talking about it. BUT.....yes, the army has used the M40 and M40A1 well after the M50 came out. The dates above are more production dates not necessarily use dates. Thanks for the pic of the carrier. Dan
  12. As mentioned above, the mask on the left is an M3 Diaphragm Mask. They only came in size "U" (Universal) they were made from 1940 - 1947ish They were still used into the 1950s for training. The middle mask as armysoldierant1944 mentioned could be an M1A1 or M1A2...the difference is the sizing. The M1A1 was sized 1 - 4 and the M1A2 were sized "U" (Universal) The right mask is an M1A2 which looks to have a "newer" hose and older filter on it. The hose for that mask should be 27 inches in length and stockinette. That filter looks like an MI or MII filter....It should be blue if
  13. The M40 was used from 1987 to 1994. Few were issued in the 80's and not until the early 90's did the military release them when they had sufficient quantities. The earliest M40 I have is dated 1992, but it included a manual dated June 1988. That's a pretty early manual, in my opinion. In the manual it specifically mentions the 3 inner pockets and the drawing of an open carrier shows the 3 inner pockets. Basically one pocket is for the decam paper, one is for the manual, one is for the water proof bags. I'm guessing the M40 carrier had 3 inner pockets from day one. I'm leaning
  14. I have a bunch of M40 and M42 masks and carriers, but I don't own a single MCU-2/P or MCU-2A/P That needs to change After looking around online, I think the only major difference is the M40 carriers have 3 pockets inside and the MCU has one pocket inside. What does everyone think? Dan
  15. More often than not, the MCU carrier is unmarked. I never see MCU carriers marked in person, while I have seen a few online marked. The M40 carrier is always marked and yes they are a little different. Dan
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