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  1. FYI this set of Hollywood Canteen autographed Postcards are for sale.
  2. Several months ago I bought a colorful WW II Aleutian Island Pillow Sham that pictured P-38 Lightnings on it. I'm always looking to buy anything with P-38's pictured on the item like felt pennants, pillow shams (cases), bullet trench art, ID plates and etc.
  3. UNREAL!!!!!!!!!!!! Definately museum quality.
  4. My favorite was the P-38 Lightning because of its looks, its sound, its versatility and it was also voted the most Romantic Fighter of WW II and after getting to ride in a P-38 I can see why.
  5. Does anyone remember the Garrisons Gorillas TV Show?
  6. I see you're diplaying the A-14 Oxygen Mask Box I gave to you at the Olympic Flight Museum collectors Shows a couples shows ago, looks great!
  7. Last year when I went up to the Olympic Flight Museum in Olympia, Washington to get my ride in a B-25, Doolittle Raider, Edward Saylor was there and luckily I took my Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo book with me and I had him sign it.
  8. If I remember correctly the Navigator in the movie on Van Johnsons B-25 was an original Doolittle Raider.
  9. Your right it's still in Europe. I can see it on You Tube but the quality isn't the greatest.
  10. Great looking Victory and I'm really happy for you. I love the Victory 38's. Here's a picture of my USN Victory 38 in its USN holster with the black elastic bullet loops and although I wish my holster had more bullet loops like the holster your Victory came in I'm still really happy with it. Mike
  11. Fantastic Display, thanks for sharing.
  12. I thought you were somewhat kidding because my Navy Victory 38 was more accurate to pick and shoot and hit the target the first time then was my WW I M-1911 U.S. Army Colt 45, Japanese Nambu and my civilian 357 magnum. Mike
  13. I ordered it from Warner Brothers on DVD and now I have it, thanks
  14. I just bought from VCI Entertainment the WW II movie "A Walk In The Sun" on DVD and it was marked down from $14 to $11 and then they give you a 20% off coupon which reduces it down to $9 and of course I bought it because they had a sequence showing P-38 Lightnings in it coming to the rescue. I'm also looking for the movies: "Swing Shift Maisie", "Marriage Is A Private Affair" and "When Willie Comes Marching Home" all on DVD. Mike
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