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    WW2 ETO, D-Day through VE-Day. Specifically interested in 79th ID, 314th and 315th Inf and other Battle of the Bulge unit items.

    Named and complete uniforms are also a focus.

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  1. Awesome! Man this brings me back to my younger years. I dreamed of having these when I was a kid. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Dont worry about that. I never imagined I would have acquired this much stuff. Stick with it. One day you will look around and wonder where everything came from!
  3. New displays, WW2 Paratrooper, Korea, Vietnam and Battle of the Bulge BAR Gunner
  4. I finally had some time to unpack some of my collection and organize it. Here it is in the current state. I still need to fill the walls. Any and all comments or suggestions are welcome.
  5. And additional dates to include his WIA date and when he was transferred from 4th Battalion to 2nd Replacement Depot. I know by the end of the war the 2nd Replacement depot was located in Normandy, but would he have been transitioned from here to another unit or back to the States. Thanks again. 04 AUG 43- Sick Call/Hospital to duty 15 AUG 43- Promoted from PVT to PFC 02 OCT 43- From duty to sick call/hospital 08 OCT 43- From sick call/hospital to duty 15 OCT 43- from AWOL to duty, reduced from PFC to PVT 07 NOV 43- PVT Upton wounded in action- sick call- hospital 01 DEC 43- promoted
  6. Here is Uptons name, but it also has the greek letters Phi Kappa Psi. Potentially a fraternity he was a member of post war? This group keeps mw guessing, that is for sure. Any further information is greatly appreciated. I continue to speak with the family and provide the information I have found. Thanks again.
  7. On to the mountain trousers. These unfortunately are the only items that have SGT Upton's name in them. They also have the name and number of a G.J. Price who is listed in Burhans FSSF roster.
  8. I don't know why the phot quality is so poor, but here is a close up of the replaced zipper.
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