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  1. Patch is similar to a WWII 75th division patch but is 67th instead. Thanks
  2. Update. Went back to where I found these shirts and found two more used ones. They had the same labels as the NOS ones ,with the NATO numbers, but you could see where the shoulder patches were removed and one had a name written inside. Still not sure why they have a 1970 date along with a later (1974-1975 ?) NATO numbered size label.
  3. Just checked and I can't see the stitches on the back from the collar tag. Not really sure what I have. Back to square one I guess. Think I just sell them and let someone else figure it out.
  4. Im far from an expert on these but here is my opinion. It seems to be an original Jungle Jacket but probably a manufacturer second. There is evidence that the collar has been resewn and if you look at the labels, they are made of two different materials. The size label was probably added at a later date as to why there is a NATO number. I had it on the for sale forum but have since removed it. Thanks for all the input.
  5. Found this NOS Vietnam jungle jacket and wondered if it is an original or reproduction? Thanks
  6. Thanks for the info guys. Throwing it in the pile of junk for the next garage sale!
  7. Its on a WWII USMC cross over flap canteen cover. It also has side sewn seams instead of the usual front sewn seam.
  8. Can anyone identify this marking on a lift the dot style snap? Thanks
  9. Found what we were looking for in a Civil War Index. Thanks
  10. Just found him on Find A Grave so we're assuming Confederate since he was born and died in N.C.
  11. Searching for any information on civil war veteran William Kimbrell Hardin. He was possibly in the Infantry with the 15th Regiment Company C but we cant confirm. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. They do look similar. Does the USAF first aid kit have any dates or markings? The pouch we have has no markings. Actually there were two of the pouches in the bottom of the duffle bag along with mostly Korean era items.
  13. Can anyone identify this pouch? Found this in the bottom of a duffle bag full of Korea & Early Vietnam items. Measures approx. 12"X17", has four pockets on the top and three on the bottom,herringbone twill CONMAR marked zippers,leather strap,and a large D ring with strap.
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