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  1. I have an ACH helmet band with sewn battle roster ID and would like to know if there is anyway of identifying unit or time frame this alpha/numeric sequence was in use? The band has the following information on it. name is front right, battle roster ID-right side, blood type-left side. I have heard that battle rosters could have 3 or more letters plus last four of soldiers SSN and that the numbers of different roster IDs are numerous as roster IDs are created without regulation by various unit commanders.
  2. Wow! Thanks for the link to the tread. I found it very helpful and interesting.
  3. Thank you Cap Camouflage pattern I, Is there any unit that would wear this coat configuration?
  4. I got a good deal on this coat along a couple of others. Can anyone tell me if this DCU coat is a legit Ranger modified piece? If it is, what patches would normally go on it? There is a square piece of velcro centered below the back of the collar (pic 2). Is this for an IR patch? Rank on coat is Army sgt. major. The coat has a flag shaped piece of velcro above the added pockets on sleeves.
  5. Thanks, that was one of the ways I thought I could use it even if it turned out not to be a real training aid.
  6. Thank you Backtheattack and copdoc for shedding some light on my inquiry!
  7. Thank you for the advertisement.
  8. I am not looking to get rid of it at the moment. I found a M16A2 training aid when I was in the Army. It was all composite with a real demilled "A1" front sight and barrel section with flash hider for bayonet training.
  9. I found this M1911A1 one piece casting with countersunk barrel. There are no letters or numbers on piece. Is this a military training aid?
  10. I recently came across this 7.62mm ammunition can which says "OVERHEAD FIRE". Other than that I am cognizant of the symbols and military designations of types of ammunition and loading materials.None of my other cans loaded for linked 7.62mm NATO has this description. Does anyone know what this refers to? This can was reloaded in 1968, as part of the previous lot number, ammunition plant, and description of contents can be seen under the paint. The can also has features of earlier ammunition can manufacture such as embossed bullet on lid.
  11. I just found this site that covers a chinstrap systems. www.hardheadveterans.com. This may help.
  12. Are they wearing CCU's and light weight PASGTs? Did the Army wear light weight PASGTs, modified PASGTs with three point chinstraps before the issue of the ACH in that order? Is there a way to tell a unit modified three point PASGT? Is the titanium NVG mount a real issue item (please see pic)? If so when were they issued?
  13. Were ESS goggles were used with the ACH when the reversible woodland/desert covers were used? If not what goggle was issue at the time?
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