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  1. I purchased this Green MSA TC2000 helmet off of Ebay. I thought Green ACH's were early production (2003-2005) pieces but, this helmet was produced in 2008. The helmet has all the features of an early production MSA ACH. Green paint, black "MSA" chinstrap, MFG. label without contract #. Also does not have the NSN. Pads were a mix of MSA black and gray pads without contract number dated 06/2008 and 07/2008. All my other ACH's dated 2007 and later are painted gray (foliage green). Is there a reason for such a late date on this green helmet? Also, I have noticed that with MSA large AC
  2. Is there any way to know the "DOM" of BAE and SDS advanced combat helmets? I have seen two digit molded numbers inside. Is that the year of manufacture? When did SDS approx. stop using green web with tan buckles on the chinstraps? I have SDS helmet chinstraps in foliage green off a "05" contract. I have also noticed that the old "05" contract does not necessarily mean made in "05". I have some MSA ACH's with DOMs of 2007 dates on "05" contracts. Also a Gentex helmet with 12/13 DOM on 2009 contract.
  3. Do you know how to determine the "DOM" of ACH's made by SDS or BAE? My SDS ACH has a "07" and M7 molded in the crown. Does the 07 mean 2007? The color is foliage green. The contract is 05. ACH DOM made by Gentex and MSA is so easy if the labels are present, I wish all manufacturers did the same.
  4. I recently received a MSA made ACH with a DOM of 08/2005. It came with a full set of MSA pads. I think this helemt was all original parts. What do you think? I also received a bunch of gray/ black pads. In them I found MSA black/gray pads in size 3/4 and "1" (pic1). I can not find size 1 in any of my manuals. When was size "I" used? So MSA used Oregon Aero pads until around 2005? Did any other manufacture use Oregon Aero pads as original parts? I also found a couple unmarked black pads (pic 2 &3). If the all black ones were also used in early ACH helmets which manu
  5. I can believe that. When I was serving, we used the PASGT, for turn in the helmet was also stripped down to helmet with chinstrap attachments ( no head band, cover, elastic band, or chinstrap). I aim is to reconstruct helmet/s to original period issue configuration. When my unit was deployed to Bosnia we were issued .50 cal. ammo that was packed in 1953.
  6. Hello, Thank you for your help! I have a question clarification. On the 1st question about "Does anyone know when this change took place?" I was referring to when Oregon Aero pads changed from having the size (either 6 or 8) on the small black tag to having the size (3/4) and shape information stamped on the underside of pad ( pic 3). What is CGF?
  7. So last week I purchased some green/black ACH pads for some of my early ACH's. I thought I would find either Oregon Aero or the standard govt, contract pads. But I also found a some others, as well as different styles of Aero pads. According to my TM 10-8470-204-10 manual dated 31 may 2004, the pads had the size marked on a small black tag and came in sizes 6 and 8. The different Aero pads I found have the size on the black tag or the size and shape information stamped on the underside of pad. Does anyone know when this change took place? Of the different manufacturers of the green
  8. Thank you for your help! I purchased some black/green pads last week. a few different makers and styles. I will be posting them today. Looking forward to your opinion.
  9. Thank you for your help with my questions! I have another post about the green/black pads I acquired last week. Hope to hear your thoughts.
  10. Thank you, that does look like a Revision logo. I did not know Revision made ACH's? I thought only MSA. Gentex. BAE, and Rabintex (Armor source) made Advanced combat helmets. The Mar 2008 tech and operators manual does not mention Revision as a manufacturer. Is Revision a new maker of ACH's? On my 2006 ACH I have a UCP cover, foilage band, green revision goggles with black strap and sleeve, foilage retention straps based on pics from US Army soldiers in Iraq 2006. But there were many variables depending on what was available to individual soldier or unit at that time.
  11. I saw this MD ACH with a logo on label I have not seen before. Any one know what this logo is and what the "MD" means before "ACH"? Is there a time line for when pads changed from black/green to black/foilage green to completely foilage green? What would be period correct in 2006?
  12. I have an ACH helmet band with sewn battle roster ID and would like to know if there is anyway of identifying unit or time frame this alpha/numeric sequence was in use? The band has the following information on it. name is front right, battle roster ID-right side, blood type-left side. I have heard that battle rosters could have 3 or more letters plus last four of soldiers SSN and that the numbers of different roster IDs are numerous as roster IDs are created without regulation by various unit commanders.
  13. Wow! Thanks for the link to the tread. I found it very helpful and interesting.
  14. Thank you Cap Camouflage pattern I, Is there any unit that would wear this coat configuration?
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