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  1. Here is mine : From a pilot we flew with VA-12 aboard USS Franklin D. Roosevelt during the 1965 Med Cruise.
  2. Here are some info about Thomas J. Coady : Weasel Sq., arriving at Korat RTAFB, Thailand, in February 1972. During is tour at Korat, Col. Coady served as (source : Red River Valley Fighter Pilots, Turner Publishing Co, 1989)
  3. Franco, Here are the labels/markings related to the G-suit, flight suit and flight gloves :
  4. Hello, I bought one of the Tom Coady's grouping. It consists of : - HGU-2 A/P flight helmet + MBU-5/P oxygen mask - CWU-27/P flight suit - CSU-12/P Anti-g garment - FRP-1 flight gloves - shroud knife - 3 patches + leather nametag Greetings from Switzerland Damien
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