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  1. Here's one of two identical towels that were given to me by a man who had been in the Army in the early '60s-he had brought home all sorts of new,unissued gear, and stashed it in his attic,where it remained until he saw my Weapons Carrier at a vehicle show, and he asked me if I wanted all this stuff. Both these towels are made by Cannon.
  2. I bought a set of magnesium US-issue snowshoes very reasonably from 'Sportsmans Guide" a year or so ago. Bindings were included,of course.
  3. I have an Ike and shirt from an 11th AB Quartermaster who was in Japan with the first wave of the occupation. He was a man I worked with for many years, and he gave this set to me, as no one in his family was interested in it. Unfortunately, he just died about 2 months ago. He hated the feel of wool, so when he got to Japan, he found a Japanese seamstress, and had her line his jacket, shirt,and trousers with parachute silk. She completely disassembled the clothes, and resewed them with beautiful, tiny meticulous stitches. She tailored it for a better fit, and sewed all the pockets shut,too.
  4. A 15 1/2" neck is going to roughly be a "medium" or about a size 40. Dress shirts are usually sized like this-neck size and sleeve length.
  5. I was reading the thread about the 8th AAF helmet, and I thought I'd post a photo of an authentic 8th AAF helmet-this is one of a number of photos I discovered in a metal box in my Dad's workshop after he died in 2010-I had all the negatives digitized. He mentioned before that all the aircrews were issued an M1 Carbine, and the M3 knife-he was of the opinion that there was some worry that the Germans might make a last-ditch effort to destroy the bomber offensive by dropping paratroops on the bases in England, which were essential defenseless-so everyone was issued a rifle. Well, whether this
  6. Here's the finished product,cut from the inner tube of a 9x16 Dodge Weapons Carrier inner tube. You can see the too-small band that was "straight cut" from the tube, and several "baloney cut" bands that are sufficiently big enough.
  7. Scientifio testing confirms that the 9x16 innertube is too small to make a good helmet band. I couldn't find a jeep tube, so I grabbed a Dodge one. If I really, really stretched it, I might have been able to get it on a helmet I have, but I suspect a 9x20 tube would be the better choice. Too bad I don't have any of those. edit: Hold the presses! I was standing at the stove, stirring up some Korean delicacy that my wife was cooking, and I started to think a bit more about this- a 9x16 and a 9x20 tube are going to have the same cross-sectional size-just the diameter of the wheel is diffe
  8. I'll have to experiment-I have old 6x16.00 jeep inner tubes laying around, along with some old 9x16 Dodge innertubes. I'll make a few,and see what size works best.
  9. I'm wondering if you are so young that you have never seen a vehicle tire that uses an inner tube? All vehicles,including military vehicles, used tires requiring inner tubes right up until the '60s,at least. A slice cut from a military 16x6.00 inner tube would probably make a perfectly sized helmet band.
  10. You have some rare and interesting rifles. I have a number of CW rifles, but Martial flintlocks like yours are in a whole different league. I have a Navy Arms repop of your M 1803. I think it is the best looking American military arm ever.
  11. In 2006, my son found an M3 Greasegun concealed along the Euphrates river in Iraq. He wanted to use it as a "turret gun" on his vehicle, but it was so badly rusted that he couldn't get the bolt to move. Another vehicle in his MiTT team had a STEN gun in their turret, to be used if someone got too close for them to be able to depress the main gun enough.
  12. I have very seldom seen an M8 with the khaki frog-let alone a mint one like this. I'm suprised it didn't go for more. Perhaps if the seller had been willing to ship it to Europe, it might have gone for much more.
  13. Sorry, Peterfett-that's how I store all my stuff-in big plastic tubs with some mothballs in the bottom. With all the wool I have around here, moths are a constant worry (Along with my uniforms, I have a very large collection of vintage Pendleton shirts,and other vintage American-made wool shirts). I honestly didn't even notice any smell when I packed that stuff up :w00t:
  14. I've seen that protective coating in other military parts-specifically spark plugs that were dipped in this waxy/plastic stuff. At one time, the plant I worked in had a cutter grind department where they resharpened dull cutting tools, and they had a pot of this same stuff that they dipped completed tools in, to protect the sharp edges. I would not call it cosmoline, but I really don't know what the actual composition was.
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