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  1. I found the part Number 4 ,it is a C47 wings see the photo it is the same
  2. the parts size is 38 cm X 130 cm
  3. thank you for thes first informations
  4. Hello I found in a farm in Normandy near the village of Boutteville, just behind the beach of Utah Beach 6 big parts of plane. Can you help me to identify thems with planes they come ? See the photos
  5. A rare opportunity to acquire a Museum in Normandy! I sell partnership shares of the company which is an owner of the ground of the Crisbecq Battery in the village of St Marcouf near Utah Beach 4 hectares of grounds with 21 bunkers reorganized in museum . www.batterie-marcouf.com For details contact me by e-mail at: holdy@orange.fr
  6. hy It was a verry good experance ,that I will never forget ! certainly like the veterans never forget ther landing in 1944 !!! Thank Ivy for thes pictures :thumbsup:
  7. holdy

    bleue cap

    hello I have a blue cap but I'm not shur what it is for ? I think it is for a officer bleu dress 1920/1930 , but witch unity ? can you help me thank you phil http://img194.No_outside_hosting.us/img194/200/dscf1512y.jpg http://img525.No_outside_hosting.us/img525/1630/dscf1515u.jpg http://img830.No_outside_hosting.us/img830/7968/dscf1514c.jpg
  8. hello yes it is and I bought you some military material in e bay, from France last week and I m verry happy thank phil
  9. Hello A friend of me found thes funny picture under a garbage in Cherbourg !! I think it is a 82° Airborne's paratrooper but Do you have some informations about thes ?? to help me thank phil http://img651.No_outside_hosting.us/img651/7291/photo042.jpg http://img403.No_outside_hosting.us/img403/8585/photo041f.jpg http://img403.No_outside_hosting.us/img403/4135/photo040.jpg
  10. hello

    It is gone naw!!

    you are welcome

  11. Nice photos Phil,I hope the snow is gone by the time I arrive there.


  12. hello Yes marck S is a verry good friend of me . I am not absolutely to secure with these stores that I not at all appreciate for their manners to work... I whant to have a real collector store
  13. yes I bought the shop last year and I try to do a real collectors shop not just to do D Day business .....
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