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  1. Nice collection! I was at EAFB from Dec 1975- Sept 1979. 23rd MMS (Later 23rd AGS) Weapons Loading on A-7D's!
  2. I have heard of it. That's a good find. Me thinks they are rather rare!
  3. OK! I give!!! LOL!! I know the Marines were glad to have A-6 CAS. The AF supported mostly Army. They didn't know the difference! :laughing1:
  4. I may have spoken a little hastily! The A-6 also had a computerized weapons/nav system but I think the A-7's had a more sophisticated system. Sorry! :salute:
  5. You sound like you were in the navy! LOL! The A-6 just did not have the accuracy that the A-7 had due to the computerized weapons delivery system. No gun is a serious handicap for any CAS A/C! (I know they carried gun pods, but pods lack the ammo capacity of the M61A1 20mm. in the A-7.
  6. The A-7 was the best close air support A/C there ever was, until the A-10 came along. It had one of the first heads up display and computerized weapons delivery and navigation. It could put a MK-82 in your back pocket from 5000 ft.
  7. Anyone out there who worked on or flew A-7's? Jim Lofton 23rd TFW England AFB,LA 1975-1979
  8. 3 years of AFJROTC in high school made me an E-2 retroactive to my DOE. Made SRA (E_4) in 18 months. Was one of the first to go thru the SRA program. As soon as I made SRA I was "promoted" to weapons loading crew chief. ( a lot of responsibility for an 19 year old.) Made "buck" SGT one year later. I understand that now NCO's are back as crew chiefs. I was proud to be a young but experienced junior NCO in the USAF!
  9. Are these for real? It looks like someone just embroidered over the star!
  10. Don't know much about these. Can anyone give me some info on these? Thanks, Lamebrain
  11. This version seems to be the most common. Note the differences.
  12. Looking at it a little closer. I think it's a T-38!
  13. I have never came across a T-Bird patch like this one. It is trimmed in black and has a single A/C in the middle. The other's are trimmed in blue and have 4 A/C flying in a diamond formation. I am also not sure what the A/C is. A thud maybe? (That's a F-105 for you civilians. )
  14. I recently acquired these from a collector. He said they were at least 1 of 2 experimental rank insignia from the 1950's. They may have been meant to issued to personnel in hazardous jobs i.e. firefighters etc. Can anyone positively identify these? Thanks, Lamebrain
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