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  1. Thanks Lamarhooten, I just corrected the number.
  2. Hi got this patch in a lot of patches. anyone can tell me if these are rare? and is this patch original worn.
  3. The colored drawings are Preparation for Overseas Movement" (POM) markings that are chalked out.
  4. Everybody thanks for the comments. I’ll keep this patch as an reference and label it as an reproduction.
  5. This dogtag was found in the southern part of the Netherlands the dogtag belonged to Malcolm J Stevenson, army serial number 36298974 found online the following: NORMANDY BEACH LANDING CENTRAL EUROPE TO COMPLETION OF WAR. hope someone can find any other information
  6. Found this orange cap badge. Looks original WWII what are your thoughts?
  7. The uniform probably belonged to his father, Frank Ballard. Their was an Frank Ballard in the 326th QM Bn.
  8. found this A-11 flying helmet a couple weeks ago. turns out that it belonged to P38 pilot 2nd Lt. Elvin D Tyler. Second Lieutenant Tyler flew with the 95th Fighter Squadron, 82nd Fighter Group. On a mission to Austria and Germany on 21 April 1945 LT. Tyler P-38 caught fire en route to the target area. Lt. Tyler was able to bail out but his main parachute failed to open.
  9. Found this front seem swivel bail MP market helmet last weekend.
  10. Joshua, Thanks for your information. And indeed it looks like the snap hooks and belly band loops are added later.
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