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  1. Yes it does, and the axe head looks a lot older than the handle. Could well be he made the handle? But worth asking!
  2. I have owned a number of Vietnam vet bring back 'Yard pieces but never an ax or hatchet. This came with a crossbow and several other pieces from a First Cavalry Division vets estate. Is it a Montagnard piece or just something he picked up in his travels?
  3. I.D. on a couple sights? Again, thanks to all!
  4. Looked closer at the .45 barrel and found the number 5 stamped on it.
  5. Things turn up when buying other things! These were in a box with some gun parts. Any I.d.? Thanks!
  6. Will check it out! A+ 5 star s for this seller if your not familiar with him!
  7. I've not seen the version with the wreath but it certainly seems correct. Excellent observation!
  8. I recently added this ribbon set from the UCV Reunion held in 1903 by Camp Sumter (UCV #250) at the Argyll hotel in Charleston, SC. It is the only one I've seen, few must have survived! It features a silk ribbon imprinted on the face with reunion and banquet information, attached is an original Confederate $10.00 bill, also imprinted with reunion info. The reverse of the ribbon is imprinted with an ode to the memory of the Confederacy and the symbolism of the bank note.
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