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  1. The shield is great, as is your research, these men endured so much. Four wartime badges from the same jeweller is nothing short of incredible! Interesting they are to different units. There has to be a common tie there somewhere that could pin down the sutler.
  2. This came with some First World War U.S. material but I don't recognize it. Possibly not American of course.
  3. Super bit of history! Can you post a pic of the back of the corps badge?
  4. To echo Mike, the horn is right. Many of these came from Bannerman over the years. The Cav. emblem is smaller than CW, but I don't think it's M1872, I think it's M1881.
  5. A few pieces added this morning! www.wartimecollectables.com
  6. A great thread... And fitting memory! Here is a 'Houseboat ' with the original document and map.
  7. It's only officer's. I know it's still active and if your the lineal male descendant and no one else holds the place, you can join. I ASSUME the Civil War veteran had to be a MOLLUS member so the descendant can join. Link through the Sons of Union Veteran's. http://www.suvcw.org/mollus/mollus.htm FYI The SUV is also very much active. Any male with an Honorably Discharged Yankee Civil War vet ancestor can join.
  8. One last MOLLUS post! This medal is Adm. Francis Cooks' badge as handed down to his son as Hereditary Companion. The badge has Cooks' MOLLUS Member number 6665 engraved on the suspension as well as his son's Companion number. The badge has had the Members' pattern red center stripe drape changed to the Companion pattern with the blue center. Francis Augustus Cook served in the United States Navy from 1860 until 1903. Born in Northampton, Massachusetts on May 10, 1843. He was the son of Benjamin E. Cook, a general in the Massachusetts Militia. He was one of the few United States Navy
  9. Like the GAR, the MOLLUS became politically powerful and had many important members. Quite an interesting history as it was initially formed after Lincoln's assassination as a cadre of loyal Union officer's in the event of unrest following the President's death. A couple other notes.... I should have pointed out that the First Class Member badge comes on a ribbon with a red center stripe, the Companion badge has a blue center stripe. In wear, this is not a hard and fast rule though. Reribboned awards, simple errors and medals handed down to Companions could mix up the colors. The Comman
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