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  1. Came across this old thread and thought I'd add some pics of a patch I got from the estate of a Vietnam Era Navy pilot. I was thinking is was from "Spad" squadron also.
  2. Better late than never! I sold the small grouping of patches/pictures I had but will forward that info to the new owner. Thanks.
  3. He may very well have worn it during the War but it doesn't look like any made-for-the-military, military issue watch that I am aware of. Many, if not most soldiers/sailors/marines wore their own privately purchased watches. What does it say on the dial?
  4. I use to collect Liberty Cuffs, the patches that some sailors would sew inside their jumper cuffs and roll up to display when on shore leave, (liberty). I thought I'd look on eBay to see what they were going for these days. What a shock! Prices haven't changed much but they are being reproduced somewhere and the quality is terrible!! There must be a demand in order for them to be reproduced but who's buying this crap?? Example: Original above, repro below:
  5. tom63

    ID Help

    These three patches were with a batch of US patches I bought. I couldn't find anything about them Not sure they are US or even military??
  6. As an update: These Hackman knives continue to be listed and sell on eBay. Most are the red version with various markings on the handles. They sell for about $50 to $150. A red handled knife in blister pack sold for $275, (actually the guy had 2 of them). A black handled one in blister pack just listed on eBay for $299. It appears to have a clip point but you can't make out the markings on the handle through the blister pack. If your are interested, just search "Hackman Hunting Knife". I have no connections at all with that seller.
  7. There is a lot of info about Gen Trapnell but can anyone tell me anything about the officer on the left, a Major or Lt.Col. Gossett? The photo was with a small group of patches including the one that the General has in his hand. There were several other rifle/pistol team patches from the 8th US Army, Korea plus an Armored Div patch (no number) and a 7th Infantry Div. patch. No, the pistol wasn't in the group!
  8. Bought this patch recently at the local flea market. It was with several 1958-59 8th Army, Korea rifle/pistol team patches and a photo of Gen.Trapnell presenting a .45 to a match winner. Those dated patches were cut edge; this one is merrowed so is from a later period I assume. Any idea when the XXI Rifle/Pistol squad was formed? And what is the insignia in the middle with the crossed arrows, gun sight, and acorn(?) ?
  9. I think vintageproductions is right. I have several that are similar that came from the old NTC San Diego (Boot Camp). The large 124 would be the recruit company number and the stars and other symbols would indicate awards, competitions, etc., that the company won.
  10. Thanks for the replies. It's hard to tell in the photo but the middle part appears to be a small cove or inlet with a small beach and waves. Looks like lava in the foreground. I was thinking Hawaii maybe??
  11. I'll probably never know where (or why) this yard long was taken but can someone date the photo from the uniforms?
  12. Thank you for that link. After seeing the burial clip I couldn't help wanting more information. Your link contained another link to the Loyce Deen Memorial page. Here's some more of the story: http://www.loyceedeen.org/
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