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  1. I bought a collection of uniforms. The white jacket has a giant wing screwed above the pocket. Can anyone tell me why this was done? Thank for the help. The wings measure almost 8" across. George
  2. I was looking through some photos... There is a pic of Col. Doolittle on a carrier with other crew members. Two other guys have the same patch...
  3. No way! ... That's crazy... Thanks for the pic...George
  4. Hi, I bought a WW2 CBI uniform… This patch was in the box with the rest of uniform… I’m having trouble IDing it. The yellow arrow is suede, I think. Then it’s sewn onto brown leather and then to white leather… He was In the AAF in INDIA. He was in charge of the Chinese workers… I could only hazard a guess… BURMA INDIA AIR DEFENSE? I would greatly appreciate any help… Thanks, George
  5. Is this leather hat WW2 and/or is it military...Having trouble...Thanks for any help, George
  6. Everybody, Thanks for all the help... George
  7. I thought I was buying Officer's Pinks Riding Breeches, but now I'm not sure what I have? The zippers read CONMAR USA... I'm not sure what type of material the pants are made of...Thank you, to any one who can help...George
  8. I got this hat at an estate…I was hoping someone could help identify it…The pin on the front looks like a warrant officer, but I don’t know. It’s marked “ N. S. MEYER INC. NEW YORK” The hat is rather small, so I don’t know if it’s a woman’s or a child’s...Thanks for your help… On the inside of the hat it reads 27 cents...
  9. Ugh...Duped by an old man who said he got it in WW2... Thanks, guys.
  10. I'm trying to identify this item...Thought it was an Ammo clip holder, but don't know for sure. Thanks, George
  11. Never seen one that snaps... I have one that has a zipper...George
  12. Very Funny. It's date, 1832... Do you want to buy it?
  13. I bought this Bombardier Wing and Airman's Stripe today. I'm not sure when the Air Force started? So, I don't know if this is WW2 or after. It's Sterling and Marked AMICO... There is a small chain between the two... If anybody can help it would be great...Also where would it have been worn? Thanks, George
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