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  1. It’s one of Joe Zadik’s fakes made for collectors. He made two others for the 1st Bde NYSG. All poorly made class E pieces.
  2. Yes, the third pic is #71A1 and while rare is fairly well known. The first pic I posted is an uncatalogued variation. The ASMIC Signal catalogue is not very reliable when it comes to these older theatre produced variations. Story I got many moons ago was Apparently there was internal feuding over the numbering classification system? They were also concerned about the fakers getting ahold of color pictures as they might crank up the machines again.
  3. Does anyone know anything about this 71st Signal Service Bn DI? It just sold on eBay for $127 and of course is not in the ASMIC guide (but we will all be dead by the time ASMIC ever updates the 1986 black and white catalogue) obviously Japanese made but the pin is horizontal and I cant tell if its a real DI or a scarf, sweetheart or lighter piece.
  4. 71st Signal

  5. This one is not an official insignia for the unit and was never worn by them. It’s a total fake copied from the patch. The cheap modern backing says it all.
  6. I agree that would make sense but I’ve never come across a leather pocket hanger. Over the years I have seen dozens of these badges and should have seen one by now. Leather pocket hangers really didn’t debut until the 1950’s.
  7. They were initially worn on the right pocket but due to their excessive weight they were simply presented by hand. That would explain why the pins on these badges are never bent. Only wear encountered has been on the Iroquois head.
  8. The 98th Infantry Division never saw combat in World War 2 and arrived in Wakayama Japan on September 27 1945. The unit left Japan and was deactivated on February 16 1946. So barely 5 months in Japan! These badges were made in 1945 at the national mint in Osaka, which is still there today.
  9. These badges were issued by the 98th Infantry Division for soldiers and Japanese employees of the occupation zone government. They were made by the Japanese National mint in Osaka. Hundreds were produced and they were quite heavy to wear. High quality piece. Heres a couple I own:
  10. TIOH description: Description/Blazon A Silver color metal and enamel device 1 1/8 inches (2.86 cm) in height overall consisting of a shield blazoned: Per bend Tenné and Argent, issuant from top and bottom of a dexter fist bendwise sinister Transparent Brown, three lightning flashes arrayed per bend, Sable. Emitting from the sides and encircling the bottom of the shield is a Black scroll inscribed "VOICE OF THE BATTLEFIELD" in Silver letters. Symbolism Orange and white are the Signal branch colors. The fist signifies the power of unity and warrior spirit. The three lightning flashes
  11. TIOH approved a new design and motto for the 136th Signal Bn back on Nov 23 2011. The old Texas National Guard insignia with the motto Command on the Move was to be replaced with Voice of the Battlefield. Does anyone know when they intend to release the new DIs?
  12. Since I was asked Im uploading the other 126th Signal Company DI (attached). Again a crude Philippine made pot metal/painted DI. Same size as previously posted example and a pin back.
  13. I received a few queries and here’s what I know....the story goes that a guy walked into an ASMIC convention/show with 3 of these 75th Signal DI’s (Not sure of the year but it was a long time ago). They sold for $300 each! My Dad obtained these at least 40 years ago. Both Jay Massaro and Dave Kyle had the DI’s and invested many hours researching the pieces. No luck on origin though. The DI’s were definitely made in the US (not cheap Asian manufacture) by a professional shop. They certainly do not look like typical Signal insignia based on the colors and the design is unusual. That’s all I have
  14. Yes, I know ASMIC position that these could be class E insignia but that’s just speculation. Most of the fake DI’s made for collectors ar easily identifiable as such. Even the ones made from the original molds have issues with the backings. If these are in fact fakes someone went to a lot of work and expense to produce them. I know of 4 others besides mine that exist. Too bad all the veterans of the 75th Signal are gone as they would be the best source of information!
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