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  1. Hi everyone, I have this relic in my collection since years and I was told ( NO Proof) that it came from Groesbeek, a barn find. Maybe from a pilot? Anyways wanted to share these photos with you.
  2. Hi Rob, amazing piece of 99th history. I am working on a documentary about the 99th and have interviewed 8 of them and 2 german veterans that fought against the 99th. I would be very interested in using maybe parts of the diary for the documentary. If you are interested please send me a pm or contact me via my website http://www.99thinfantrydivision.com
  3. At the time it was listed on ebay I was the one with the highest bid. Then I searched the son of George L Potter and notified him. He reached an agreement with the seller and now the uniform is back with the family. The uniform was stolen in the 80's according to the family. Eric
  4. Fantastic space and setup, thank you for sharing a great collection!
  5. It looks fantastic!! Great job, a pitty I live in the Netherlands
  6. This GI enlisted in 1942 that is all I know so far. Hopefully one day we find all the anwsers
  7. Hi all, I bought the following duffle bag with POM markings. The number starts with an 8 and there is not yet any information available the list I found was until numbers starting with 4 and 5. Not sure if this one has been used for Normandy but I like it and thought of sharing it with you. Cheers, Eric
  8. I have no more pictures. I made an offer of 140 but the seller wants 180 euros so I will leave it. Cheers, Eric
  9. Hi Philip, Yeah thats why I am a not sure to buy it. Thanks, Eric
  10. First of all Happy 2014 everyone!! A question, I am about to buy a helmet for my collection and would like your oppinion on this one. I have done some research also on the forum and to me the shell looks good, the liner sweatband looks a bit too new and also the chinstrap, but again this is not my collecting expertise. Eric
  11. Hi Robert, I live in the Netherlands and also have every year a display to setup at our local museum. You have given me some ideas here, great setup and a pitty I live to far away to come and visit. Job well done!! Eric
  12. Thanks everyone, I have learned again today . Unfortenately I have no extra pictures but soon I will be able to hold the helm in my hands for extra inspection and get confirmation of what has already been said. Cheers, Eric
  13. Unfortenately I have no other pictures. So maybe I should not go further with this liner?
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