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    Hi, I am a collector of U.S. webgear, circa 1903 - 1910. I also collect and take great interest in the M1911 pistol.

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  1. That’s a great find, you could always find some great deals at swap meets
  2. That’s one beautiful 1911! How did you acquire it? I’d love to hear the story if you have one!
  3. This is him on the far right, and my brothers and grandpa.
  4. This is difficult to post as it’s the only “bring back” grouping that I have, it belonged to a dear friend of mine and my grandparents. His name was Abe Sonstein, and he was a staff sergeant with the 97th infantry division, 322 battalion medical company B. I have his uniform, boots, and everything he gave me when I was young that be brought back from Germany. This is the part that’s difficult for me. Over the last four months I have lost all four of my jobs due to COVID-19 and I’ve been selling off my ww1 and ww2 collection. This is one of the items that I never planned on parting
  5. this is morbid to say the least. Hopefully everyone on the forum keeps their eye out for the medals.
  6. Did you purchase the 1911 right from the family? to find a sidearm like yours with provenance is incredible.
  7. That's stunning! If you do not mind, please share more pictures?
  8. what a beautiful knife. Thanks doyler for sharing it.
  9. That is very interesting. Hopefully, a forum member can find some info on this. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
  10. Thank you RC for spending the time to research and post this. It was an excellent read. David/
  11. That's one hell of a score! Please, continue to post pictures of what you find.
  12. Thanks for sharing your early '03
  13. I don't collect WW2 USMC but four years ago I found a Para-smock. It was in great condition except It the shoulder pads were removed and there was a one inch tear in the fabric. I posted it on the forum and got offers in the 1400 - 1500 dollar range. I ended up selling two years ago to a local collector and 101st airborne vet for $1,850. The value of collectibles change over time.
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