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    Early United States Air Force badges, insignia, items and early uniforms.
  1. Looking into the idea of having a reproduction Civil War uniform produced. Who makes the best / most historically accurate / Civil War uniforms? Has anyone heard of AzRA Historical Resources in this regard? Thank you in advance for any advise and recommendations.
  2. Post World War II Army cap. I believe the US Army started to use their green caps in the later 1950s. The cap is only for a general if it is named to a general. In the US Army, major up to general all wore the same bullion embroidery.
  3. Thank you! Have tried Belle and Blade but they do not have it in any form.
  4. Thank you! Have tried Belle and Blade but they do not have it in any form.
  5. I agree! A great series that one should have in their collection.
  6. Good movie but I thought the book was much better!
  7. One of the best! This is one of the movies I watches as a kid and it got me interested in collecting WWII military. Been collecting militaria ever since. :thumbsup:
  8. I have been looking for this movie in DVD or VHS for some time without any success. Anyone out there know where one might be obtained? Have looked through all the online resources but from what I have gathered is that it was never carried over into VHS or DVD. Its a great movie with a lot of great period flying sequences and a good story to boot. Every know and then they bring out of the dust bucket of historical classics especially if they are doing a special on William Holden.
  9. Great period movie with a lot of great B-36 footage. One of the classics!
  10. A great classic series. I watched them when I was younger with my family and we all enjoyed the series. I know have them on DVD. Its amazing to see how many episodes were in those early TV series in one season. Nothing like today!
  11. Great series and a lot of original footage!
  12. Best WWII movie that received the Oscar for the best picture of the year in 1970. George C. Scott played an outstanding part.
  13. Is it possible to pinpoint a time period in which the chevrons were made by the way they are manufactured? Are they "cut-edge?" What does the rear look like? The USAF was into polar research by 1948 and they published the Polar Guide. Following WWII, the Soviet Union became the main threat and SAC had to find out how their planes worked in sub-zero weather. They had specialized clothing but, that I can tell from the guide, none of it is white. By the mid 1950s the USAF was involved with Operation Deep Freeze and Operation Deep Freeze II, I believe a joint military adventure for a US presents i
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