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  1. Tom, it was a great time. Took over 900kms with the bike since this Picture was taken, it's a funny item have allready "liberated" it - overpainted the WH marking with white stars and USA writings Looking forward to meet you again! Aren't you planning a trip to Europe? Best regards, Frankie
  2. ....found another use for the carrier. Picture comes from this weekend's Dragstrip Contest in Czech - 1/8 mile races with cars and motorcycles made before 1961. All you need is a Litter carrier, litters, BMW R75 Sahara and a beer
  3. Very nice... Would be cool to make reproductions for home use!
  4. Robin, it really seems unbelieveable how much you improved you museum since our visit in 2011. I like the mezzanine floor you made in the garrage part. Great work. Congrats! Frankie
  5. Thank you, Hardheaded. I have never seen one made in England by Luxenberg before... The closing mechanism is quite interesting. Btw - According the stamping the ring was made in Italy.. The Bracelet is marked Co L 18TH INF on the reverse. Frankie P.S.- My friend I have bought it from has huge collection of 2nd ID - with many "Manchu Mile" buckles - I will ask him to post them here.
  6. Doyle! My only interesting buckle is a WWII 1st ID/16th IR one - and it seems to be a sibling from your one. It's marked LUXEMBERG NEY YORK - MADE IN ENGLAND - WILL NOT RUST. Bought it 1 year ago with another interesting 1st ID souvenirs... I haven't seen the type of this lock before... Frankie
  7. Very nice posters, Ben, this is exactly one of the things I like but never find time to me ones from my own collection Go on! Looking forward to next ones Frankie
  8. Not sure, I think it's not really white. I'll take a picture on a white paper when I am home tonight.
  9. Here is the liner alone, it was found iin Pilsen in early 90's, it has a scratched 1st army on the righ, 3rd army on the left side (as well as the patches on the IKE) and that DUI on the front. It also has a "IDAHO" scratched on the back. Sadly no ID. Thank you all for help. Frankie
  10. I have finally bought the uniform from my friend wh needed money for some other project. I think it goes well together, doesn't it?
  11. Thank you Ryan and all other! yes, the DUI is "Sterling" marked pinback. It seems I have a liner of this unit in my collection. Frankie
  12. Hello, RC, thank you very much for your reply. I did not even know that this section exists. I have found the wooden bunks there, where the suspension is the same style. here it is - http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/43969-us-wooden-bunk-beds-1942/ - it's not clearly visible, but it seems there are springs. In other thread there was a link to surplus shop, where they offer this http://store.colemans.com/cart/images/2972.gif so - it definitely seems there are springs to hold those cross steel straps. Thank you for help! Regards, Frankie
  13. Hello, I have allready asked for that few weeks ago on med-dept, but no answer arrived. It would help me a lot if anybody could help me. I have 2 WWII U.S.A.M.D. marked steel beds - both with steel mattress supports held (longitudinaly) by springs. But it seemed there should be some kind of additional support across the bed, too. I have taken pics of the beds in Patton Museum in Pilsen - there are steel straps - 1 inch wide, 1mm thin and 86cm long.. but the straps are held to the sides of the bed frame just with a wire - shouldn't there be a spring, too? Another thing - what does the mattress look like? on some show in Oregon I have ones - 1 piece mattresses with thin White/Blue struping, s it right? How wide the stripes are, please? Sending some pics to show what I writing about Thank you for reading this. Regards, Frankie
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