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  1. I just realized I have 50 posts now, so I can sell.
  2. It says: "WATERHOUSE USMCR" The size is approx. 24" x 38"
  3. It sure is beat up. The corners have been cut off. It is attached to a piece of carboard with staples. And it is dog-eared. But is it old? About how old?
  4. I think you forgot the attachment.
  5. This pin is dated 1899. Can anybody tell me what unit it was for?
  6. ++Your Gunnie must be a heck of a shot! Maybe Ft. Carson will give me some info about who got it and why.
  7. Thanks for the info. I would think that it is very desirable because of it's low serial #. Does anybody out there collect these coins? Does every Military base, or outpost issue these coins?
  8. The guy I got this from told me it was very rare. Was he bs-ing me?
  9. Here is my copy of a print by the infamous James Earl Ray: "The Legion in the battle for Dien Beinphu, Vietnam - 1954" I guess this event occured just after my photo above was taken.
  10. So I guess the consensus is that this was a plane given by the USA to the French to fight the commies in Viet Nam. Thanks for the info, guys! I will post a print I have of the final battle the French fought - and lost.
  11. Blackwolf3945 - Have you ever been to the Curtiss-Wright Museum, in Hammondsport, NY? I have been there several times. I highly recommend it - not only to those interested in C-W, but those interested in aviation in general.
  12. Thanks for all the imput! The guy 3rd from right is DEFINITELY Asian, by the way.
  13. Thanks for straightening that out. I have a small pin with 6 wheels that says " SEEK ..STRIKE DESTROY." is that worth anything?
  14. Which patch is the 8 wheeler? I assume it is the one on the left (obverse view) but I can't really see any detail on the other one. I have the one on the left. Approx. what is it worth? Thanks
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