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  1. Oh she wasn’t disappointed about that; she was upset that she had the facts wrong. That’s it.
  2. Thanks for the recommendations fellas. Keep them coming!
  3. She's 14. She is also a published author! She wrote a short story about our ancestor, George Washington "Carter" Shields. We thought he was in the Confederate 6th Tennessee Infantry but we recently found out he was actually in the Union 6th Tennessee Infantry, B co. We'd always heard he was wounded at Shiloh but it turns out it was at Resaca in 1864. She's the one who discovered the new information. She was pretty down about it because when she wrote her story, it was with the understanding he was Confederate. She was pretty stressed out until we told her she wrote it using the informat
  4. My daughter has taken a keen interest in the Civil War. She read Killer Angels, Gods and Generals, a book on the Battle of Resaca (have an ancestor who was wounded there), watched Gettysburg, Gods and Generals and most of the way through the North and South trilogy. Going to watch The Blue and the Gray, Glory and the PBS Ken Burns Civil War documentary series. I was thinking about trying to find her a Civil War saber/sword but I don't know where to look and not get ripped off with a fake. I know nothing about them. I also don't want to spend a ton of money and it definitely doesn't need t
  5. That's cool that you were there 75 years to the minute they were killed. Good video! Keep it up!
  6. Did you happen to look for and find the mass grave for the crew and paratroopers of plane 66? That's the C47 that carried the E co, 506th company command group. They were shot down the night of June 6th 1944 over Normandy. This was 1LT Meehan's stick. They are interred at Jefferson Barracks as well.
  7. They're pretty sure it's JOHNSTON based on the position and lack of splinter camouflage patterns on the pieces they've found. They also found ST. LO. I was hoping they'd find SAMUEL B. ROBERTS, HOEL and GAMBIER BAY as well. They said they want to go back and confirm whether or not this is JOHNSTON or not.
  8. Oh, thanks! I didn't even realize that part of the board was there.
  9. Petrel found WASP as well as HORNET. https://www.facebook.com/rvpetrel/
  10. R/V Petrel also found WASP. I think they found her before HORNET but just announced it yesterday. https://www.facebook.com/rvpetrel/
  11. There is an Ordnance Museum at Jefferson Barracks in St. Louis and one of the guys who runs it is retired Navy O-6 I believe. They have LOTS of naval ordnance on display and they know a lot about it. You might try contacting them to see if they might be able to provide more information on your shell. I know they have some 12" shells on display but I don't remember what kind or for which gun.
  12. I know this is an old thread, but Camp Gruber, OK has a MOUT training area. Fort McCoy, WI has one too.
  13. It looks like it is a saw blade, specifically, a metal saw. Looks like it's got teeth on both edges of the blade.
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