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  1. Great find! I love those tabs!
  2. This is a very informative thread. I have only a couple pieces, all of which are poplin. Enjoy!
  3. Fantastic collection! Especially love the bummer cap!
  4. All help in identifying this one would be greatly appreciated! Not in any of the resources I can find at the moment. Thank you!
  5. Such a cool group Jerry! Looking forward to more of the story as you uncover it!
  6. Here is one on a 45th ID jacket. I believe the vet assembled the jacket after the war (he was 45th ID, then wore 7th Army patch, then sewed the 45th back on...the sewing is matching on both patches)
  7. Thank you. There were two green berets, lots of patches, and loads of foreign/German items.
  8. Greetings! I am proud to be the caretaker of part of a veteran's estate. The military items went up for auction, and if I had put together more of my research beforehand, I would have placed more bids! The veteran was a surgeon in the 506th PIR in 1956, later for the 10th SFG in Germany. He served two tours in Vietnam with various units including the 173rd Airborne, was posted to numerous medical commands, and retired a colonel in the 1980s. I was fortunate to acquire his named M1C (shown in greater detail here), 506th officer's Ridgeway cap, a cap with Ranger tab,
  9. That's a fantastic group! I especially like the blue shirt as well!
  10. I believe "Berlin" tabs started somewhere around 1951 and the USAREUR patch was late 1945 onward. I'd say you have a late 40s-50s combo with German-made tab and US-made patch. Nice uniform-removed combo.
  11. Pretty excited to share a new find. Complete officer's M1C from the 1950s, front seam, with welded insignia and green overpaint. The veteran served with the 506th starting in 1956, then with the 10th SFG in Germany before two tours in Vietnam and continued service through the 1980s. The helmet shows paint covering spades on each side and a follow-me stripe on the back. Still compiling information on the veteran, but absolutely loving this helmet. All opinions always welcomed.
  12. I agree, they look consistent with WWII production.
  13. To me these appear consistent with post-Civil War boots. From what I understand, CW-era ones have more of a squared toe box, which was rounded in later models. Excellent pair!
  14. Very nice. Check this site out: http://www.usarmygermany.com/ext/LaborService/ Many examples of insignia, uniforms, and helmets.
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