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  1. I agree, they look consistent with WWII production.
  2. To me these appear consistent with post-Civil War boots. From what I understand, CW-era ones have more of a squared toe box, which was rounded in later models. Excellent pair!
  3. Very nice. Check this site out: http://www.usarmygermany.com/ext/LaborService/ Many examples of insignia, uniforms, and helmets.
  4. I believe this is a well-used Civilian Guard helmet of the Labor Service in postwar Europe. The painted helmet liners ranged from black to white and blue as well--yours appears to have all. Am I seeing the outline of a stripe? I like it very much!
  5. This is simply amazing! Very nice find!
  6. I have not yet seen a Vienna tab worn with the Tactical Command patch. There are plenty tabbed for Linz and Salzburg, though some Tactical Command troops were in Vienna (and can be seen in their 1955 change of command video). With so many variations of theater-made patches, I wouldn't be surprised if one shows up, but I don't think the Vienna tab was generally applied in practice.
  7. The patches here are really nice examples. I like the scarce 78th Recon DIs also posted--I only have one of my own. I have prepared an article for a future ASMIC Trading Post about the Horse Platoons in Berlin, which were provided initially by the 78th, and found no photo evidence of any tab worn above the 78th ID patch in the 1945-6 time frame in Berlin. I believe the tabs must date before that. There is a fantastic photo collection online hosted by Google Arts and Culture, which shows dozens of photos of the 78th Horse Platoon, with many close-ups showing the DI in use. It is interesting to note that the 78th patch appears to have been worn on both shoulders of many troopers.
  8. A gorgeous jacket and patch! Now to mop up the drool from the keyboard
  9. Very impressive! Wow!
  10. Some real beauties there. I particularly like the bullion 5th ID. Picked up one of those Raider tabs myself.
  11. Very nice belt buckles from a small unit. The engraving on both are stellar!
  12. From what I'm seeing, it does appear to be consistent with an original.
  13. I swear I've seen this one before but cannot remember what it is. Any assistance in identification would be greatly appreciated! EDIT- it uploaded sideways, sorry!
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