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  1. Hi Ken, I haven't seen P for quite some time now... But I think he is still collecting and most likely still has the holy grail pants... He's working on new displays for our local museum too, so I guess/hope to run into him this year...
  2. Guy's name was Jean-Michel Roth, happened October 2006... and it was a WW2 75mm shell I believe... For those of you who read French https://www.dhnet.be/actu/faits/une-manipulation-fatale-51b7c240e4b0de6db98c44a0
  3. Belgian EOD picks up an average of around 200 tons of unexploded ammo dating back to the Great War in the Ypres region alone every year... still after more than a century...
  4. US Army War Photographer An Ike jacket worn by a Photographer of a Signal Photographic Company in the ETO in 1944-45. The arched WAR Photographer patch was replaced by the rectangular OFFICIAL Photographer patch late in WW2. The latter patch is visible in the photo with the Military PH-324 Kodak 35 Camera.
  5. First day of working on the Jeep in 2021 saw applying OD paint to the body... Pretty soon it will be assembly time.. Have a great year everyone!!
  6. Irene Reimann, a German WAAF (Blitzmadschen) telephonist of Luft-Nachrichten-Regiment 201, the unit manning the headquarters bunker of the Luftwaffe's 3 Jagd-Division at Schaarsbergen which controlled the two Luftwaffe radar and communications stations, 'Teerose I' and 'Teerose II' located east of Deelen airfield. She was captured in civilian clothing on the first day by the 7th King's Own Scottish Borderers. She refused all food until it was tasted by British troops, fearing that it was poisoned. The photo was likely taken at 1st Airlanding Brigade HQ. The photographer, Sergeant Dennis Smith
  7. And I was mistaken... This is it: The woman is Irene Reimann, a Luftwaffe Telegraphist who had been billeted in Wolfheze. The only female POW of the battle, she was captured by troops from 7th Bn KOSB on 17 September 1944, shortly after the arrival of the first lift. One of the secondary duties for the Glider Pilot Regiment was to guard POWs. Another photo of her: https://www.paradata.org.uk/media/1911
  8. I could be mistaken but I believe I have seen this photo before captioned as a female concentration camp guard upon her arrest.
  9. Hey Ken, Thx for welcoming Guy to this topic... Guy and I go way back... Here's a photo of us both from our re-enactment days...
  10. Merry Christmas all! And to ad to the above, go to this post for some photos of the 1994 expo in that Carentan building.... It was mindblowing at the time...
  11. If I recall correctly the tall factory like building on the left which was torn down over a decade ago was the place Michel De Trez set up his first Normandy based AB display ‘Warriors of the Night’ in the Summer of 1994. it was followed by larger displays in 2004 and 2014 and culminated in the D-Day experience near Dead Man’s Corner museum.... He set a new standard...
  12. Mentioned too on pages 50&51 in the 1970 Jeep Book by Warne and described as having been one of the highlights of the Royal Tournament in the mid 1950s... Absolutely loved watching the Royal Tournament on TV as a kid, always looking forward to the Field Gun obstacle course competition... ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_Tournament - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Field_gun_competition ) Below the pages of the book...
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