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  1. Great, will gladly come over and test it last week of August when we'll be in the region... ;-)
  2. Wondering if the DuffelCoat on the left might have been Military issue too... Royal Navy perhaps?
  3. liked him more in ‘Goodnight Sweetheart’....
  4. Thx for posting this... Could that be a Dodge WC51/52 in the square???
  5. Hi Mike, can your cart be traced back to having been used by a European nation after WW2? Greece or Switzerland?
  6. If ( ! ) all goes as planned it should be finished by early spring next year and we've been planning to bring it (and maybe one or two other Jeeps) to Normandy in June 2021...
  7. Thx for posting! Would the Cpl facing the camera be wearing a 24th Div SSI?
  8. The intersection of the D514 Coastal Road and the road leading to Pointe du Hoc.... Long before the roundabout was put there… 1989 too Parking at the Pointe du Hoc was in the grass, and there were no barriers near the edge...
  9. My GPW Jeep at Pegasus Bridge (the original one) and above Arromanches in June 1989
  10. Just getting back to the Jeep in Normandy theme with a few photos from the 'Archives'…. Jeep on the road from Creully to Arromanches, 1984...
  11. Still from 'From Here to Eternity'...
  12. Thx Kat, Yes next to Jeeps, Harleys and handcarts, I have always had a keen interest in WW2 Military bicycles, especially American ones... When I was about 10 in the mid-1970s I watched 'From Here to Eternity' for the first time and in one of the scenes a Sgt rides a G519 WW2 US Army bicycle... Being from Belgium, which is a cycling nation, I was hooked on those bikes and just had to get one... Still took me until about 2003 to find a correct example and I now have three; a Men's model from both makers Huffman and Westfield Columbia and an ultrarare Women's model made by Westfield Columbia which my wife and daughter enjoy... I love to take them to shows to just ride around... Always dozens of Jeeps at shows but I'm pretty much the only US bike rider there... Below a family portrait of my three bikes taken in our back yard... If you'd like to learn about these, please see my website at: http://www.theliberator.be/militarybicycles.htm
  13. The 101st AB Division's 81st AAA Bn fielded the British 6 Pounder....
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