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  1. All good and ready for another 5 year.... As we pulled up to the MOT station, an MG-A was just in front of us, visible in the photo...
  2. Got the MB out today... Having it MOT’ed next Tuesday so looked it over today and went for a testride...
  3. Thx, today is another anniversary... Bought my Jeep on this day 37 years ago, 14th October 1983... My first car... and still have it!!
  4. Haha, showed it to my daughter.... She thought it was hilarious.... 😉
  5. Congrats... Last week my wife and I celebrated 32 years together as a couple.... Married nearly 25 years ago on a Vegas trip.... Indeed time flies...
  6. A youtube clip I found by accident today... Footage from the 1989 Antwerp Liberation Parade. I’m on the rear deck of the Sherman Tank (wearing Brit helmet and glasses) making sure the veteran Major Dunlop, who was a tank commander back in September 1944 in Antwerp, doesnt fall off.... 31 years ago.. https://youtu.be/w0QDg-Ct5W8
  7. I saw that article in a Facebook post a couple of days ago and had the same thoughts...
  8. The red paint/ribbon definitely indicates Air Forces use.... (yellow and red group harnesses and matching packs)... I, for one, am very hesitant about the use of the T7 rig in 1944 ...
  9. Hi Kevin! How are you? I think not many will recognise the WW2 connection on those shears.... 😉
  10. Catching up on the forum in between work on the GPW Jeep... Have been very busy lately and finally started to actually spray top layer of paint on frame and springs.... Springs were all taken apart, cleaned, re-arched, primed and painted. Axles are just about rebuilt and re-assembled, so next step will be a rolling chassis... Below a photo taken last night right after spraying beautiful OD mat paint... The fun ( and less dirty) part of assembling all parts that were cleaned and primed over the past few months begins..
  11. Same here.... Forum has been acting up again lately... lots of strange pages and sometimes impossible to reply...
  12. And even got them out a couple of times…. Bluffs on West side of Arromanches; debris of the caissons of the Mulberry Harbor visible in the sea...
  13. Yes, I've seen some before.... oddly on this one they have added brake shoe material.... Seems to have started as a rear facing brake shoe with short pad
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