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    AAC (and KNIL -Royal Netherlands Indies Army-)
  1. Fellow forum members, After a very successful visit to the 2014 D-Day commemorations my two travel companions and I were sure about two things: 1. We would be visiting Normandy again in the week of 6 June 2019. 2. We would book a hotel much further in advance, to be sure we would not again have to drive to and from the historic sites for more than an hour every morning and every evening. So via booking.com I booked a very nice room in Chateau d'Argouges (Mosles) already on 18 March 2018! When I wanted to check the details of the booking two days ago, it became apparent that for som
  2. Thanks for sharing, Zeph!! Very relaxing to scroll through your posts and watching the vehicle regaining its former beauty step by step.
  3. Great job, Zeph!! I am a little late tuning in to your latest project but I really enjoyed the first season starring the Jeep, so I plan to follow you closely again form now on! Cheers, Sjef
  4. That Jacket is top off the bill!! A little over a year ago Advance Guard Militaria had an A2 jacket for sale (for about $7000, including paperwork and the original goldfish certificate) which belonged to Second Lieutenant Marvin L. Gurwit, 578th Bomb Squadron, 392nd Bomb Group. That one also features a painted goldfish on the front. Most probably done by the same artist that painted the jacket (pictured in "American Flight Jackets" by Jon A. Maguire) of G.H. Armstrong of the 577th Bombardment Squadron who flew a B-24 named'Puss-n-Boots'. Cheers, Sjef
  5. I am really looking forward to following a new series of your adventures, Zeph!! Good luck! Love that 'Twelve O'Clock High' mug, by the way! Cheers, Sjef
  6. That is indeed very sad, Zeph. Let's face it, George is part of your family. But you can find some comfort in the knowledge that he has a wonderful life with you. Lots of courage!
  7. Fantastic final result on the Jeep, zeph!! The painting on the canvas, and the double stencils on the bonnet really add to it's character. Good to see there is another building project going on! Keep us posted!!
  8. So what's next? You are going to renovate your house? You never know!
  9. Next time I bring my excavator....
  10. You might uncover some bunkers, Ken!
  11. How about this one, of the French chasseur alpin?
  12. That's just too funny, Ian. I also couldn't resist taking some pictures when I was in Sainte-Mère-Église last Sunday. It is a matter of taste of course, but I think it looks ridiculous. I prefer the small British berets by far!
  13. Nice, Ian! Man I love that jacket of yours!!!
  14. And last but not least; me and my brother with Ian and Ken in Sainte-Marie-du-Mont, 7 June 2014
  15. Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial, 9 June 2014
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