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  1. It has been brought to the admin's attention that you sold a item to member NIC and now you are not responding to his emails.

    Please take care of this or you can lose your FOR SALE privileges.


    1. ailcol


      This was taken care of. As I have previously stated I was in quarantine with the Corona Virus and unable to reply to any messages. He has since received his uniform he purchased. It has been taking 4 weeks for packages to arrive due to the lack of flights with the travel lockdown. Everyone has reported receiving everything they purchased.

      Please note I have been a member for 11 years without issues until the recent virus issues have created problems.


  2. Super nice piece you just don't see very much. Great find!!
  3. Hello Everyone, Sorry for not responding to questions as I doin't alway check and ask people to PM me with question so I know you have one. I have had no problem using the name as I am based in the Netherlands and I have the domain name. I have close to 32,000 subscribers at this point. I do not have Combat Cash as it is a new and copyright show. All my shows are historical and most are vintage. There are some nice WW1 silent films, lots of WW2 pieces, Korean War, plenty of Vietnam War and even more current pieces plus vintage instructional films and a few movies. Again if you have
  4. Hi Everyone, I have recently started the MILITARY HISTORY CHANNEL on Roku. It has movies and documentaries from many various periods and it is all free. You just need a Roku device which you can pick up on Amazon for about $30.00. It will be launching on Amazon Fire soon as well. Please check it out. I am adding new content almost daily. Thanks! If you have any questions please PM me.
  5. Hi, I have been selling on Ebay since 1996 anfd it has changed quite a bit. Most of the features like views and watchers are still there. You will see them in your sellers page listing. You should still be able to list in two categories and should see it when you make your listing under the first category you pick but not until then. I hope this helps!
  6. Hi Everyone, Awhile ago I picked up this group thinking it would make an interesting research project. I am normally a WW1 collector and I don';t have the resources to research this air medal as much as I thought I would. I am hoping someone on the forum can steer me in the right direction. The medal is not named but only has the date January 8,1945 on the back. It came with a photo that looks like he might be a major in the 8th. It came with the ribbon bar shown as well as a small name plaque William Sexton Lewis USAAF. I managed to find an obituary to a William Lewis he served as an
  7. What a great group. I have been collecting medals both British and US for 32 years and you seldom see an interesting mixed group like this.
  8. Great grouping. You don't see these types of complete groups like you use to.
  9. Hi, I am also outside the country and I do agree. It has become way to expensive to buy when these fees are added on. Many times there is no custom taxes collected especially on lower priced items. Yet having to pay the custom fees when they might not be collected is a rip off. I will also stop buying from people using this system.
  10. Thanks for the additional info. Much appreciated!
  11. Hi Everyone, I recently bought a group of WW1 dog tags. It was a group of ten at an auction.I didn't get a chance to really look at them with the description being all WW1 aviation dog tags. I was very surprised when I started going through them and found this one USMC tag.It is on a coin from the Azores and it is marked: Harold C Kropf 1st Aero Co U.S.M.C. 1-22-18 Azores I know he enlisted in June 1917 until May 1920. He passed away in 1952. What I like about this piece is that the unit arrived at the Azores for anti-submarine duty on 1-21-1918 so it seems having this dog tag mad
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