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    Collecting, travel, WWII research, history, and beer of course.
  1. Dick, I just wanted to say what a pleasure it has been to see the wonderful groups in your collection. This one is no exception. Thanks so much for sharing!
  2. Fantastic group and research. So great to see complete groups like this which have not been picked apart. Congrats!
  3. Congrats Dirk. Fantastic group and enjoyed your presentation a lot. The march was one of the things that really captured my imagination with regard to this campaign as well. Regards, Geoff
  4. It just keeps getting better:) Really great, thanks for sharing his West Indies medal Frank Eaton. And thanks for sharing the really awesome photos with history aerialbridge. Since we are on the topic of his naval service I'll share something from his very sparse Navy file which was insanely difficult to locate at the archives. Early files such as this are not entered into the NARA database and must be searched or manually in their holdings. In any case, I noticed that both his USMC and Navy files are missing a lot of documents. I am hoping some of the missing docs were placed in his pension
  5. I have to say THANKS so much JCBrown for giving me the chance to keep McCreary's CRE together with his Philippine campaign medal. The possibility (however remote) that broken groups of traceable medals could be reunited is one of the main things that attracted me to medal collecting. Needless to say I am thrilled. Here is the pair together:
  6. Wow, amazing! An unexpected pleasant surprise with my bowl of cheerios this morning. Thanks for sharing the picture of his CRE. Also, thanks for the lead on the portrait !
  7. Wirt McCreary was commissioned as a 2nd Lt. USMC in July of 1899. He served in the Philippines and China with the likes of Smedley Butler and Frederic Wise. It seems he was quite a character. During the China Relief Expedition he was in charge of the USMC supply junks on the Pei-ho River. Both Butler and Wise relate the story of McCreary impersonating an Admiral in order to gain the right-away for the U.S. supply train. McCreary was already an 'old man' in his late 30's and 40's when he came in contact with many young marines who would go on to achieve legendary status. I get the sense from re
  8. Nice group and research. Finding that photo always takes it to the next level. Congrats.
  9. Thanks Brian, Still learning my way around. Appreciate the tips!
  10. The enlarged hole makes me think that the planchet was perhaps being used separately from the original ribbon at some point. Parts may not have been reunited or were replaced at some point. This is how it came to me and how it was when the previous collector acquired it as well.
  11. Thanks everyone! I can see from past requests for info in his service file that this group has been in the hands of collectors for many decades. I suspect that somewhere along the way someone could not make sense of the name change. It probably looked like the PH did not actually belong with the group. I had a heck of a time figuring it out and locating his records myself...with all of the resources available today on the internet and so forth.
  12. Thanks Brig, I was wondering if it might have been used for some kind of accessory like that.
  13. George Rosmarck enlisted in late 1915. He participated in the Dominican Campaign in 1916, and was stationed in the Dominican Republic through 1917 which I believe made him eligible for the Expeditionary medal. He was wounded in action twice while serving with the 47th Company in France during the Great War. He changed his name to Andrew Kozak after the war and his Purple Heart medal with OLC (whereabouts unknown) is engraved with the name Andrew J Kozak. He holds Dominican Campaign #1460, Expeditionary Medal #6791, and GCM #10129. I am grateful to be the caretaker of this group and hope that y
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