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  1. Revolutionary War… 4th GG, Private George Lind, 2nd and 6th Virginia 4th GG, Lieutenant John Stockton Nicholson , New Jersey 4th GG, Private Richard Barnes, North Carolina 5th GG, Private Joseph Newton, North Carolina Mexican War 2nd GG, Private John Cobble, B Company, 2nd Indiana Civil War…. 2nd GG, Private Thomas J Lind, 13th D Company, 13th US Infantry 2nd GG, Private William U Nicholson, G Company, 103rd Illinois Infantry 2nd GG, Private John Burner, D Company, 91st Indiana Infantry 3rd GG, Private Christopher Sutt, F Company, 120th Indiana Infantry Korea…. Father
  2. Sound advise, I just have one to convince
  3. I'm driving up late Friday (4 hours), with 2000 tables I'm starting to think very early Friday morning. This is my first, I'll probably lock up with sensory overload !
  4. "HQ-9405", not sure the significance. It's stamped in the coat too. Shoulder was stationed in HQ company 38th infantry regiment
  5. Not sure that this helps but the bugle cord that I have is braded and longer than the one in the box. Terry
  6. I see it on the original post, after looking at mine, mine is different .
  7. I want to lean that way too, I have one also but can't find anything about it.
  8. I do believe you are...for some reason I completely missed your comments. :w00t:
  9. Some sporting good stores sell burlap by the foot in 4 foot wide rolls. For goose blinds..ect
  10. Of all the bandoleers (140) only 13 still have the safety pins. The dark ones in the pile mix are without the pins and dated 1956. They are the only ones that are dated. I do have pics in the link below of the pins, they appear to be brass and mixed, the flat and shiny pins are within each lot. Hope this helps. Terry http://s1086.photobucket.com/albums/j453/trlind/Bandoleer/
  11. Not a problem, after digging through them I found that quite a few of them are flat black. My curiosity is peaked now. I will sort through them and post pics tomorrow. Terry
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