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  1. Wow! Incredible helmet! What an amazing find! Congrats!
  2. Beautiful! I’ve never seen one with a box! Great find!
  3. Thanks very much guys! Nice looking holster collection you have there!
  4. Looking for a little info and guidance on this particular holster. I’ve figured out that it’s for a Victory revolver and that’s about it. It obviously has been cut down by an inch or so, and the wire pistol belt attachment is missing, but the top where the wire attachment goes isn’t cut. It appears to be in excellent almost unissued condition. Is this maker a rare one? I’ve seen the value of similar holsters range from low to quite high, so any info on scarcity or value would be appreciated! Thanks all!
  5. Wow! What a spectacular display! Amazing!
  6. Very cool find Owen! It’s amazing the things you find in strange places! I used to direct and produce local theatre in my town and once found a Lt marked FB M-1 in the costume loft of our theatre. I brought in a VN era M-1 and asked the costume and wardrobe master if I could swap the helmets and they were very agreeable. To them an army helmet was an army helmet. 😉😄
  7. Nice grab! That’s a very cool find! 👍🏼😄 I once bought a VN jungle jacket and found a Waltham watch in the pocket with a grimy stinky military web strap on it....it was the best $10 I ever spent! congrats Owen on a great piece!
  8. Looks great! Grab it if you can!
  9. yes, I recall that being the case also now that you mention it....I remember glancing at the price and moving on 😕
  10. no I haven’t yet, I’m not very well informed as to the best research methods for identifying AAF personnel. Other members who specialise in that kind of research have been very helpful to me when I asked for assistance
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