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  1. I remember seeing Army Aviation pocket patches that has "Made in Taiwan" stickers on them.
  2. Thanks I have been searching this pretty good website for it, but no luck: http://www.usafpatches.com/ Apparently it was used in the Lebanon in 1983 - would they have deployed from Japan (if it was Japanese made)? The USMC says Vietnam, but could it be VN made?
  3. Not exactly what I collect. Any comments are welcome. Thanks
  4. There's plenty of woodland ones on eBay at reasonable prices.
  5. That's right! BTW the one on eBay suddenly sold now - it had been on there for several weeks. I guess that's what the forum does to collecting (and its cost)
  6. and last, but not least - my all time favorite from right after ODS in 1991
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