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  1. Of course they did wear B-1's
  2. My pic 32 shows how the headset fit over a crusher
  3. Was hoping member Len S may chime in but guess not. Does anyone have an idea what the stamp means on the thumb strap or is it one of those items where we may never know?
  4. Thank you gentleman for the kind words. Maybe member LenS can chime in on a possible meaning of the C-113 stamp. He has an identical holster with his DS that he had posted a few years back. Would like to know if his holster has a stamp like that. His thread:
  5. Any educated guess as to the origin/meaning of the stamp on the under side of thumb strap. It could also be one of the things that we will never know but just wanted to try .Thanks
  6. Would anyone have an idea/meaning of the stamping on the underside of the thumb strap? Appears to read C-113. It is on the first holster (with OSS DS).
  7. Thank you. I have been looking for the WW2 hip holster for years and was very fortunate to find this one. Here is the OSS DS with equally difficult to find shoulder holster. Also a CIC lettered Colt DS and Boyt43 holster This now completes my search:)
  8. Thank you It letters to 1944 OSS
  9. Don't forget, they made 1943 dated holsters for the Colt Detective Special. Don' t see why they could make one in 43 unless they were busy on other contracts
  10. How about a pic of the complete uniform?
  11. If it has the adjustable sights, it is post 1946. The pre 1945 US Property H-D's had a fixed sight. A picture of yours would help in actually identifying it.
  12. Ronald

    CBI Pilot

    CBI w/bullion patches/wing. Curve Control rank insignia
  13. Early PPK w/correct holster and 14th Armor info
  14. That seller has had a lot of items for sale but some have had concerns over some. Right now he has a piece (spearhead collar piece) the is currently over 450.00 and it does not seem to have the quality of an original. I know folks don't like to post items for review for the fear of someone else swooping it to snipe (I hope the collecting community is not that cut throat) but before I would invest that kind of money, I would want an expert opinion.
  15. It appears the some works has been done on it to make it appear like a cav holster. My opinion (for what it is worth) thinks the plain flap was added after the US flap was cut down and the belt portion was added. I don't believe it to be a mistake or rare
  16. These would be totally unmarked. Research from others have identified them being made by TEXTAN, Yoakun Texas
  17. Let show some issued OSS shoulder holsters for the Colt 1903
  18. Here is an Audley currently on EBAY https://www.ebay.com/itm/vintage-Audley-1914-Patent-Dated-M-1911-Rare-Military-Swivel-Safety-Holster/303703527634?hash=item46b62410d2:g:wN8AAOSwyG9fTnYE
  19. Try Jerry Burney. He will be your man to help. Jerry Burney 11491 S. Guadalupe Drive Yuma, AZ 85367 lugerholsterrepair@earthlink.net
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