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  1. Len Absolutely. Would appreciate any help. Did my DS letters show up?
  2. I am also going to look at a later Victory which may be more reasonable in price.
  3. I found this site :http://coolgunsite.com/pistols/sw_v484563/v484563.htm Will have to read up on it.
  4. Thank you. Did not know that about the stamp. have seen the top strap mark but assume the side plate was done at the same time.
  5. Will see if I can get some.
  6. Thanks. I would like to see more of the hip holster that I posted with mine though. Member flick said he has one so hope he post a good pic of it.
  7. Looking at a red letter (letters filled in with red paint) US Navy VIctory model and wondered what the significance of the lettering is? Are they more collectable? Just wanted a nice example for a contrast to my Colts. Thanks
  8. If you have the hip holster like the one I posted, could you please post a pic of it. Forum would love to see them.
  9. I know only a few folks have them, but would like to see other hip holsters like mine.
  10. Fantastic piece of history. Agree that it is not military but there are instances where Colt did ship to military personnel. I believe it would be a wise investment for you to obtain the Colt letter. It would certainly enhance it even if not ship to the military. If you do send for the letter also ask them to include the Date of Manufacture in addition to Date of Shipment. Ron
  11. The US hip holster is rarely encountered and may be rarer than the revolvers and those are extremely rare..
  12. Excellent 1949! The Colt Forum collectors would love to see it.
  13. Hello Sal Either way is fine. Was it a military issue? Ron
  14. 1943 DS lettered to the Chief, Counter Intelligence Corp, Balitmore, MD, Boyt 1943 hip holster and WW2 ammo.
  15. Much better pic. Thank you for posting.
  16. This is not the type I am looking for but it is another hip holster for the Colt DS. The group is from the 100th CIC Detachment.
  17. I know the holster is extremely rare and pics are also due to the work the the people were involved in but something should be out there. Sort through your pics and post!
  18. The shoestring tie is absolutely correct and a plus as most were removed. Just sent you a Pm with a link to my hat thread. Ron
  19. Another plus!! I always wanted a nice1911 to go with my campaign hats. Is that an engineer or artillery cord?
  20. Excellent and nice campaign hat.
  21. I would have though ordnanceguy might check in since he post some obscure and not so often seen pics.
  22. I didn't think anyone would have pics due to the rarity of the holster.
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