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  1. Forgot to add. Opinions if you care.
  2. Here is one that is coming in the mail.
  3. When there is a dollar to be made, someone will try and cheat you
  4. Excellent ! Great to see it displayed with the accessories
  5. The letter from Colt, Square Butt/serial number and ordnance punch dot. These are 2 different revolvers. first one is OSS and the second one letters to Chief, Counter Intelligence Corp (CIC) and it has the ordnance mark of what folks call the flaming bomb. Hope that was a satisfactory answer.
  6. 1944 OSS Colt Detective Special w/USGI shoulder holster 1943 CIC Colt Detective Special w Brauer shoulder holster (holster FS at this time)
  7. Something to look at while the weather is not great outside today.
  8. Ronald

    OSS Pins

    I am not sure about prices but when I use to collect, if I saw an item that I wanted, I would buy it. I may have paid more than what others may think was high but it was what I wanted. Hope that made sense.
  9. I am surprised that there are no others posted.
  10. Ronald

    OSS Pins

    Are these real? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Original-WW2-OSS-insignia-1945-OSS-service-pin/224028864630?hash=item3429293076:g:XM4AAOSwxvRe0pvr https://www.ebay.com/itm/Original-WW2-OSS-insignia-1945-OSS-service-pendant/224028871217?hash=item3429294a31:g:r6EAAOSwoeVe0p9O
  11. Excellent! Thanks for sharing. Ron
  12. Anyone else have any to post?
  13. Yes, the next to last one is for Quarter Master Corp. The flash in th e pics makes it hard to tell, but is the buff color cord.
  14. Thank you all. They can be difficult to display/store and this is the best I have found to do so far.
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