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  1. Here is an Audley currently on EBAY https://www.ebay.com/itm/vintage-Audley-1914-Patent-Dated-M-1911-Rare-Military-Swivel-Safety-Holster/303703527634?hash=item46b62410d2:g:wN8AAOSwyG9fTnYE
  2. Try Jerry Burney. He will be your man to help. Jerry Burney 11491 S. Guadalupe Drive Yuma, AZ 85367 lugerholsterrepair@earthlink.net
  3. Mine still has the Sep 1944 barrel. Although an import it still retains all the WW2 parts.
  4. 1956 was the change over period but as with anything military you will find overlap. That said, brown or black would be appropriate. Military or civilian? Repro or original?
  5. Today is the 76th anniversary of the team jumping into France. For good reading, look at these: Cloak & Dagger Mission MARCEL/Proust, The Story of an Unusual OSS Undertaking An Outrageous Good Fortune Also for some history on an agent with the team:
  6. Colt 1903 USP serial numbers were regular serial numbers. Some of the members here (kwill) should be able to tell rather quickly since he co authored a book on GO pistols. Pictures are always a plus!!
  7. Coming up on 7 Sep is the 76th anniversary of the Marcel-Proust Mission. As noted in the above research the OSS team parachuted into Haute Saone region of eastern France. For action adventure, I suggest the above books. Ron http://www.plan-sussex-1944.net/anglais/proust_plan.htm
  8. The reason I have been asking for members to post pics of the US hip holster (only the type with hanger) is that I would like to help other collectors document the different makers. Supposedly RIA made them along with Boyt. At this point I have only seen Boyt 43 marked holsters. Please share your pics if you have them. Post front and back.That is the only way for collector to have a date base to rely on. If we could just limit the thread to this type, it would be best. Thanks
  9. I believe it to be a private purchase cap. Originals had a a distinctive zig zag stitch on the inside. This one does not. Are you saying there is a covering over the zig zag?
  10. Would the belt have a date or features different during the 43 period than the later war type? Not a web gear collector so I will rely on the forum expertise. Thanks
  11. For display purposes, what would a correct web belt be for this holster look like?
  12. Standard Products'''''''''''''' Hope I didn't intrude:)
  13. Ronald


    Thank you Kwill. Appreciate the help!
  14. Ronald


    Anyone have the answer?
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