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  1. I was going through some of the awesome collections from forum members, and a question came up. What is the difference of the between the Croix de Guerre Fourragere below? The one on the left have 2 additional loops going across the sleeve and the one on the right does not, why the difference? Thanks in advance!
  2. Thanks! Another question came up, when did the blue and silver chevrons got rescinded? Was it immediately after the war? Was there an exact date? Also, when did the width of the chevrons become narrower like the one on the right in the photo below? I was told sometime in the 1930s, but I wanted to know a more accurate date. Here are a couple in my collection,
  3. thanks for the clarification! when did the WW1 overseas service chevrons' size become standardized for use with WW2 uniforms?
  4. Were blue/silver overseas chevrons used for later uniforms, such as lapelled open collar M1926? Or did all Overseas chevrons convert to gold at some point after the war? When did the overseas stripes size become standardized?
  5. When did the officer M1895/M1912 Undress Jacket get phased out? I see it in used with M1912 dress hat, was they used in WW1? Some people say the M1895/M1912 undress became the dress jacket from 1902~1938 before the lapelled M1938 dress blue jacket was prescribed. Is this correct?
  6. Image didn't attach properly and can't edit post, so here is take 2 on the photo.
  7. Is this gentleman part of California State Military Reserve? 1st California Infantry Regiment? Cadet? Veteran Association? Some kind of fraternal Order? The collar insignias and cap badge states "1 CAL", the sword looks cadet, fraternal or medical, but the photo is not detailed enough to see. Thanks in advance!
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