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  1. Anyone have the RECONDO pin With the black arrow with the letters ``FIRST `` printed black on a red field.
  2. On line 25 it says : Combat Infantry Badge Two Good Conduct Medal Combat Inantry Badge (see 30) Army Commendation Medal W/V Device American Campaign Medal W/ V Device Air medal Bronze star Medal Vietnam Cross of Gallentry W/palm Two Purple hearts Marksman (Rifle) Vietnam Campaign Medal W/ 60 Device Vietnam Service Medal Air Medal Also no mention of Silver Star Medal that was with the grouping
  3. I bought a grouping from a relative of a Vietnam veteran that passed away. On his DD214 it says he was awarded the American Campaign Medal with ``V`` device. How would he have earned this. Also he has a cloth jump wing sewn on one of his shirts but the award is not on his DD214.
  4. Anyone have any information on this unit. Thanks. Charlie
  5. jlt1986

    MAC Engineers

    I was able to find a small size one . Anyone have the large size one for sale. E-mail me at : vhalftrack@aol.com Thanks. Charlie
  6. jlt1986

    MAC Engineers

    Anyone have a original one for sale. E-mail me at : vhalftrack@aol.com Thanks. Charlie
  7. jlt1986

    MAC Engineers

    What are the value of these wingless 1st mac engineer patches
  8. Great collection. I have all of my daughters gear. From when she was in boot camp and till she got out. She was a combat medic with the 4th ID and did two tours of Iraq. I have her helmet from boot camp and her helmet from Iraq. Both are badged. Happy New Year to all. Charlie
  9. Looks like your top cover is a light gray, Is that the original color.
  10. Would like to know what is the originsl paint color of a MKVI depth charge. Also are there any other painted stencil markings. Also looking for inert pistol and boster. My E-mail is: vhalftrack@aol.com Thanks. Charlie
  11. Hi My son is in the Seabees in Afghanistan. Where can he get some of these patches made and what do they cost to have made over there. Thanks. Charlie
  12. I was lucky to get two 1629th Engineer patches. One is on a Ike jacket and the other was on a shirt. My Mom got them at a thrift store 10 years ago for $3. Charlie
  13. jlt1986

    Cloth wings

    Hi Does Mr Duncan Campbell still sell cloth wings. If so does anyone have his address or E-mail so I could contact him. Thanks. Charlie My E-mail is: vhalftrack@ aol.com
  14. Anyone have any Mini medals that they know are WW2 era that the could post. Thanks. Charlie
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