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    Interested in 82nd Airborne Uniforms, Uniform items & Memorabilia, Iraq Militaria (All Kinds)
  1. Anyone from the northeast know what happened to Abare Military Collectibles in Haverhill Massachusetts?
  2. Anyone out there from the Northeast have feedback on this shop? Was debating checking it out this week?
  3. Cool stuff man, that compass is sweet!!! Who were you with over there? I was with TF Falcon, 3-325th AIR, 82nd ABN DIV. Glad you made it back brother.
  4. "Dpnt piss down my back and tell me its raining" : The Outlaw Josey Wales and my all time favorite "I wonder what bitte-bitte means" from the Longest Day when the Rangers have reached the top of Point Du Hoc
  5. I have a few of COL Baldwins items, he was a tremendous warrior! -RICH
  6. Will do brother, BTW, we were op-con to you guys for Najaf and Karbala! Take care man, -RICH
  7. Nope, he was a Joe. We are in the VFW and Legion together up here north of Boston, great guy.
  8. No kidding? See, maybe I should have sent them home instead of bringing them through customs. Never got that far north, we swing up through Habbaniyah, then Fallujah and then stopped in Baghdad. Yeah, I am still kind of bummed about that to this day. That and the TSA guys confiscating my leatherman in Philly on the way home.
  9. My buddy Josh was there when that happened man, not TF Falcon but was with you guys. If the AD involved the SAW rolling off the seat of a vehicle, then my buddy was there when that happened. Small world man.
  10. You lucky SOB!!!! Yeah, they put the screws to me, but I am happy with what I brought back man. Who were you with? I was with TF FALCON. 3-325th AIR., 82nd ABN DIV.
  11. In 2003 it was different, I came back with my B-Bag full of stuff IAW what CENTCOM put out at the time but I think it changed when we left. Went through customs with no problems except a tritium mortar sight, and an RPG sight, only things they wouldn't let me bring back.
  12. Those are AWESOME brother!!! Great stuff!!! Who were you with over there??
  13. Sweet stuff, epic find!!!
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