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U.S. medal collector

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    I mainly collect World War TWO United States Medals. I especially love to add to my collection WW2 cased complete Purple Heart Medals .
  1. I am in need of the 741st FA Batallion crest for my Father's service in WW2. If anyone has an extra, please let me know price. George wb9sjz@gmail.com
  2. Thank you so very much for the information. George :-)
  3. I would like to find what Company made a Distinguished Service Cross that I have purchased recently. It has the full wrap brooch on it and is numbered on the right side of the bottom cross leg. Number is 14549 ....... I would like to know the possible Company that made this DSC and if I can possibly trace it to the recipient. Is it WW2 or before for time period? I paid $40 dollars (buy it now price) delivered for the medal with buttonhole ww2 lapel for the DSC in the leatherette WW2 titled case from a Goodwill Store.
  4. Yes, the Robbins strike is a great medal to have in a WW2 collection. I have eight of them in my collection in the DSC presentation cases with the lapel rosette and three of them have the lapel bar also. 6 of them have the thinner white stripe and two of them have the wider white stripe like the one you have pictured.
  5. Fabulous grouping along with some very rich historical information !!! :thumbsup:
  6. That is a fantastic find and having it authenticated by your research !!!! :thumbsup:
  7. What a way to start a day !!!!!!! Geez, YOU are Blessed !!!!!! :w00t: George :thumbsup:
  8. That is really neat to see the "Letter of Appreciation" along with the cased medal, ribbon bar and the lapel bar. Your's is the first one that I have seen the lettering on the case being a slanted lettering instead of the straight lettering. I have three of these cased complete in my collection and they are all straight lettering. I would love to have a slanted lettering also. Thank you for sharing that and the Letter !
  9. I could tell that the show "Pawn Stars" was fake when one guy brought in some old campaign buttons for sale and they waited till the end to turn them over to show the word 'reproduction' on the. A real dealer would have done that off the bat to see and also know what to look for on those. It is "TV" for entertainment and that is about all, lol....
  10. I love collecting the WW2 early Air Medals cased complete also !!!
  11. Those are very neat !!!! I would love to find a pair made in 1964 also boxxed for my collection! YOU are very Blessed to have those !!!! Good Find !!!
  12. I also very much appreciate the information on the diamond with the "I" in it on the back of the high gold gilt silver star !!! I have one that was awarded during the Korean war to Thomas N. Cox, as this one is named to him on the back of the medal. I was wondering for quite a while which Company made the medal with that logo on it ! Thank YOU very much for all the work that you donated to finding the solution for all collectors that are lucky enough to have one of these with the diamond "I" in it, and mine is cased complete with ribbon bar and lapel. :-)
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