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  1. I figured it out. Closer magnification id's the foreign wings as Ecuador!! A small F A E is visible on the top of shield in the center of the wings. The photo is obliviously post WW2, but must be just after the war as the back of the photo is stamped; OFFICIAL PHOTO U.S. - A.A.F. This guy is a full bird colonel and his ribbons are totally screwed up. Top row; American Campaign, American Defense, Army Commendation (totally backwards) Bottom row: Pacific Campaign, WW2 Victory and an unknow - un ID'd two tone ribbon (what is it?) Is it possible the ribbon is from Ecuador? T
  2. Green is "Safety" , you see it on stickers and other such items aroound manufacturing. Never seen anything like this. Definitely post war. 1950's - 1960's?
  3. I'm a bit of a ribbon reader. What story is it telling. When I come across anyone in uniform, I do a quick scan. At a graduation ceremony years ago my daughter's friend got a scholarship to the Coasty Academy. Two uniforms were there to present it. One was wearing ARCOM, AM, BSL etc not a typical USCG rack set up. Turned out he was a former Army warrant with service from my old division (101st) in Iraq. We had a good chat.
  4. Lots of Lookers, but has anyone been successful? Let us hear of the successes! Send us some sunshine I. These gloomy times
  5. Saw this DUI and wondering whose it is. PRAEPARAT.??? Engineer or Arty colors. couldn't match without being able to see the full lettering on the bottom.
  6. Has the colors of the Fighting Illini, the Native American Chief and "U" and "I" in the background. Did a n ebay earch but couldn't get a match.
  7. Here's a better shot of the mark. With the configuration/shape of the EGA's any idea how old they may be?
  8. Great flag! And it's a big one as well! Hope someone can give you some good advice.
  9. I tried to untwist it, but it is solid. Can anyone use this or need it?
  10. Don't know if it is "real" gold. I might need to get it tested. OK, so I know I've seen the Maker's Mark. But who is BBB in Philly
  11. Got this in a ixed lot and wondered if anyone knew what backing device this would go to? Funky post, but it's not a screw back. Back is marked, BBB Co. , PHILA (Philadelphia)
  12. Looks like a British style pin addded to this wing
  13. So, did a forum member get these? Sound offf if you did! We'll congratulate you on a good grab.
  14. Picked up this really nice embriodered felt EGA pillow sham. It will become the back drop to begin pinning the EGA's I've acquired over the years. Seller gave me a name; SGT Harley Landrum. Says he was a Korea vet. Would someone possible provide any further history of e\service for this Marine?
  15. Shot of the back #2 That is pretty interesting. I thought they were good and tossed a couple of bucks at them, but someone wanted them a WHOLE lot more than I did. When the bids kept going up I figured they had to be something special.
  16. Shot of the back #1 I thought the little black symbols on the bottom of the patch looked like Vietnamese rank.
  17. So these just went for some crzy $ on ebay. So what are they and what are they for?
  18. US picture and German flags, plausible explanation would been done during the occupation of Germany just after the end of WW1.
  19. I know it is a mixed lot. This is one of those back drop pieces we all see at gun sows and collectors shows, that we all go. WOW, look at all of THAT! And then we start picking it apart. That's good, Oh, thats a dud. It's fun, it's part of the hobby. I got a bunch of stuff that I'd like to make some blankets myself. .. in my mind I see potential. In reality, it will probably never happen. That's partly why I got this, It's ready made!! The cool stuff is there and it is done well. Like I said, my promise is to not to dismantle it as long as I owned it. 15 - 20 years from now when I retire you'l
  20. Forgot to include the MARINE Para, sorry boys
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