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  1. Foreign awards are always a neat item. It's too bad really our troops don't really get them any more. Does any one know why? Read W.E.B. Griffin's books and they are always highlighted.
  2. WOW! It cleaned up really nice!!!
  3. THANKS GUYS for the responses!!!! I have passed them onto my bud.
  4. I picking buddy of mine came across this great uniform. I think it is WW2 vintage but I want to be sure. Felt on felt chevrons. Mirrored collar EGA's. Issues: there is a little mothing on the jacket, but the 2 pairs of pants got the worse of the mothing. I took the pictures with my phone, so the quaility isn't great, but now that I take a look...do I see two different types of EGA's on the collar? It is named: Horspool, W.L. I think I see the imprint of a pair of parachute wings on the left breast. Can anyone help me and confirm this guy was a para-marine?
  5. Those who got 3 color DCU's were lucky. I was with the 101st and we all wore 6 color choco chip pattern. I didn't see any 3 color till I got home in April '91.
  6. Got this yesterday. Part of me thinks it's is Military, the psycho side screams Forest Service...how about some help, Manufacture date, 1997
  7. Any time you can find decent pants , especially if they ERDL's they are a find!
  8. THIS IS AN AWEOMES PRINT!!!!! I have seen it, but couldn't afford it. All the signatures of these guys is very very cool!! Congrats!!
  9. I agree with keeping them. Are they making any more?!?! NO! If you really don't care...sell them and add the money towards your collection. Someone who is putting together a display would probably enjoy them. As always...Opinions are like sweetheart.les, we all have them.
  10. VERY Nice slant pocket ERDL jacket!!!
  11. I agree...it would be bad juju. Said the Shavetail Butterbar...Now lookie here!...You can't wear that "Navy" badge over your avaitor wings...It says right here in AR 670-1. Said the Seal to the 2LT, "with all do respect sir you can kiss my rump. Now let me pull my boot out of yours!" Won the battle , lost the war.
  12. Previous enlisted SEAL, went to WOC and then flight school. Not impossible but rare. Had a WO1 in the other company who was in the 2nd Ranger Bat., jumped into Panama. Pretty badged up. CIB, Senior Jump wings w/combat jump star, Air Assault, Aviator wings. Most Army folks earn their beauty badges in the first 4 to 6 years of their carrer. A lot happens when you're young!
  13. Didn't want to run to town this morning, but forgot something at work that I just had to have. Needless to say, I popped into the local Salvation Army outlets to browse. First stop nothing. Second stop...POW! Man I love the nuggets! Camo always catches my eye. Lifted the hanger, saw the buttons and I was headed for check out. The tag is washed out and there is no info on it. Would appreciate info on the make and model.
  14. Picked up with a bunch of others. I would like to think it is military. How about an ID out there....oh..2 3/8 inch across.
  15. Holy cow!!! Quite an assortment!!
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