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  1. Check inside just underneath the collar for any markings.
  3. Canteen cover is marked, POWERS, 2-18. Can anyone one tell me when this cover was made? Does the 2-18, indicate 1918? Canteen inside was a 1944 Vollrath. The attaching clip looks bronzey, not iron.
  4. Mondays are my days to breeze through my local haunts. Found this Field Jacket at a Thirft Store. Tag is gone at the collar. Tag in the left front pocket is faded beyond recognition. Brown plastic or possible bakelite buttons. Faux breast pockets. No zipper. Interior waist draw string. I know it's older, but from when? I will take your comments now. :pinch:
  5. I agree with Gunbarrell. The minute you ask yourself "did I pay too much" is the minute you did. So what? How many WW2 jackets will there be in 10 years? And at reasonable prices? 1972 I'm 8 years old, in an antique shop is a double decal German helmet and a brown fur Luft winter flap cap at $25 ea. Did my Mom give me the $50 to buy two very cool items?? Hell no! she thought I was crazy. Amazing I knew what I was looking at, even at a young age. What would those items go for now? Right...more than YOU want to spend! Everyone loves a nugget! Get them while you can, but occassio
  6. Anyone want it??? $2 and a SASE and its yours.
  7. Went to jump school with a guy from the "Yank Me" Division. Nice pick up! :thumbsup:
  8. Please tell me this is FAKE. Just doesn't feel right.
  9. Could they possibly be the Engineering section for the squadron? Or atleast their nickname? Prime Beef being AF construction engineers.
  10. Are there any plans to dig the Stuart out? Surley Ft. Hood has a restoration team at their museum.
  11. OH HOW I LOVE PHANTOMS !!!! What a beautiful plane! Great photos!
  12. Very nice grouping!!!! What does the bar on the American Defense medal read? "FLEET" ?
  13. If you can scan the photos they should transfer. If you are downloading them, try openning them in Microsoft picture manager. Youcan edit and compress from there. Yes, the forum doen't like to many bites when it comes to photos. There is a site called Rack builder.com, (look for the army site)That can put the medals in order and show you how they'd look. I don't think it will put on the oak clusters or numbers, but you'll see it's pretty cool.
  14. More info...Was he Officer or Enlisted (or both?) What branch of service? Since you said Division ...Army or Marines What was his job? ; Infantry,..Armor,..Supply? You can get close with ribbons just from your description; WW2; American, Pacific, or European Theater(s), Victory Medal Korean; Korean Service, UN Medal National Defense, Occupational Medal Vietnam; Vietnam Service, Republic of VN, Expeditionary Medal if he went prior to the VN Service medal be awarded. Commendations? Good Conduct, ARCOM, Bronze Star, Purple Heart (if wounded) Any beauty badges;
  15. Nice photo!! and this is cool as well! BUT does it top a High School!!?!?! NO WAY!
  16. How about this gate guardian for your school!!! :thumbsup: I believe it's an A-4 Skyhawk. Saw this on a trip to the Bay Area to see the USS Hornet. Was driving by and just said, "Way COOL!" Had to take a photo and pass it along. The school is in Alemeda near the old and sadly defunct, Alemeda NAS. Where Myth Busters films a lot of episodes.
  17. What division patch is the super dooper airborne paratrooper wearing? :pinch:
  18. Even slightly faded the ribbon bars tell the story.
  19. COOL INFORMATION! GET it ...COOOL! As in arctic. Yea...Yea...bad pun. Neat to know.
  20. Josh, It is for sale. I showed the hat as well, but was unsure if the hat went with it. The hat has a calling card in the inside liner. I forgot to write the name down. Yes the ribbons are in the wrong spot. Better to have them on than to have lost them, don't you agree? I didn't list it for sale as it isn't mine. As I posted, was out and about and thought I'd show what I'd seen. Two other items have been inquired about and will stop by to see what I can get these for. CASH sale will help. He has the set up listed at $135. Maybe I can do better. Better count on 8.25% sa
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