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  1. Great items. Ever think about spinning the Red Cross vehicle sign, let me know.
  2. Would like to know more about these jackets worn by West Pointers. I had a senior officer wear his around during our casual time. I know the number mean something. Is the 66 for the year - 1966? Any value to them?
  3. The jacket was listed on Letgo out of Fresno. After several attempts to contact and request to buy, nothing. So woke up this afternoon and saw it was posted as "sold". Did a forum member acquire it? Speak up if you did! Good for them if so. Maybe it can be researchable.
  4. Awesome patch in an ebay lot. But what and who is it?!? Nous Sommes Pretts. Enginner red castle . wings, almost like Navy symbols for jobs (survey, wheel, lighting bolt - comms?, ect) What unit?!?
  5. Current one on ebay (for a hefty price) CB's on Guam
  6. Am looking at acquiring this item. Would like opinions if it is good or not?
  7. Interesting, but a little disappointing
  8. I appreciate the effort, but don't really need it. There is one on line.
  9. That's the obit I found. As I said, no mention of a PH. Which is interesting as a lot of obits will say they were wounded if it occured.
  10. Some of you might have seen this on Mercari. It was odd enough so I jumped on it. Since I work nights, I'm often cruising the web late at night cause I can't sleep or am trying to main some what of a schedule on my days off. Any-hoo... Just the PH medallion, no ribbon. On the back are two nmaes, (1) On top: FRANK J ZELINSKY (2) On the bottom; RODRIGUEZ Any info Zelinsky? I googled and found one obit, 2 tour Army vet Vietnam, but no mention of receiving a PH. Rodriguez is a pretty common name and it is only a last name. Was this a mistake from the engraving departmen
  11. Educate me please, a "ring top" American Defense. How does a Navy differer from an Army?
  12. I can say I am a better buyer now than I was years ago. I am older and my kids are grown. I used to go on trips with my wife, see a nice piece and just couldn't afford it. I'd stare at it, think about it and walk away from it. I'd remember it and tell my wife about it later. Maybe we'd get back to the place and I'd see if it was still there. A great majority of the time, it'd be gone. She can't believe I'd remember it after many years past. Now she see's me looking at something and the comment comes, "Are you going to regret it." I do have some disposable income, I just manage it better I gues
  13. I saw this too! It's on a ERDL-RDF jacket listed on mercari. I wondered what the patch was as well.
  14. Here's an addition to my previous posting. Recveived from the seller today, A very, in not good condition, originial document. There is a pencil name of "Daniel" on the top of the page. First listing under #1, Alvah E Daniel 34769578, Hq Btry promoted to Tech Grade 5th. So in the grouping i got, ribbon bar, he got a PH. From our generous members of the forum, the Jiminy Cricket patch was ID's as the, 275th Armored Artillery. With this new info, can anyone provide further info on the greatest generation vet?
  15. I've got to disagree with tredhed2, I don't believe it's a WW1 Occupation ribbon. If it is, the manufacturer totally screwed the pooch on it. Occupation would be; blue (thin) red (thin) AND even those should have a "wave to them where blue and red meet, then white (medium) black fat (wide). This ribbon is; red (medium) white (medium) blue (medium) black (wide). I agree GI's did a lot of adlibbing with their ribbons bars. Backwards, forwards, upside down, It's what they picked up or were handed. Just like a WW2 Victory medal ribbon with a campaign star (maybe they thought for bei
  16. Interesting. They came in a WW2 lot I got that had a 1945 First Aid pouch, 3rd Army war games Umpire pamphlet and a bunch of Tank Destroyer patches. With the OD tin I thought they were some kind of issue item.
  17. I'm sure someone will ID these pretty quick, so have at it. Small OD green tin. No markings on the tin. The goggles are small and fold over and fit together in the tin. They are green tinted lenses. Mesh sides that are painted over. String attached. Not very sturdy.
  18. Truly amazing to have so many items from this hero. Marines in the European theater were prob as scarce as hens teeth. Ok, so here are a couple of comments from the sidelines: Force Recon wings but no basic jump wings with combat jump star. Was that just an Army thing? No awards from the French Govt?
  19. Although the info provided says, "infantry, general or specified" he may not have been infantry branched would not be eligible for the CIB. They were throwing everyone they could into the Bulge to stop the Germans. I think more info is needed before we can automatically award him a CIB.
  20. What I find a little amazing is the obsucrity of these foreign wings, I could see getting a set from Brazil as they could have been involved in the ferry flights based from there. But Ecuador? In WW2? Were we going to the Pacific from there? I know we had people every where, but just looking at a map, that doesn't make any sense. Feel free to chime in. Will post the photo over to ebay, maybe some will want it.
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