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  1. Not sure what DPM is. I'm thinking older school, 80's stuff before digital.
  2. In the first picture, does anyone see the similarity of Brit pattern desert camo? Almost a washed out version of them. General officers have a good deal of sway when it comes to custom stuff.
  3. Here's the pic of the stamp on the back. It's for sale now, item # 324046657065
  4. Saw this on ebay and hope it hadn't been posted before, US officer getting a medal from the French officer who is .. wearing a 12th US Army Group patch .. at the end of the war.
  5. Send him out again!! Great eye for stuff!
  6. There was one offered in Eastern Washington some years ago. I saw the article and wish I would have ear marked it some how. But is was only offered as a lease and not a purchase.
  7. These were offered on Letgo but I believe they were sold.
  8. It's not me, but I appreciate the info. I'll know how to display it now.
  9. Welcome aboard! What part of Cali you residing? Me, Northern, near Redding
  10. Marines LOVE BEER!!! No matter where they can find it!
  11. This one is PARTICULARY interesting. A formation of Marines, but in front of them are three Japanese officers taking the salute.
  12. Baseball team - Tientsin on the sweatshirt of the Marine on the far right.
  13. Received the final photos from an on line purchase of a group lot of photos from a China Marine. Unfortunately none of the Marines are named. There were a total of 79 photos in the lot, some are really small. BUT ... I saw this shot and knew it was the gem. Cool fur hats. There are a couple of locations noted/mentioned, Tientsin and Shanghai.
  14. Arrived today! Really pleased! Since the seller wouldn't ship, I reached out to another forum member who was some what close. This cane with a lot of cooperation and assistance from 5thrangerson. Flag measure: 24 inches x 35 inches. stratasfan provided some service information; Enlisted 09/42 , Released 01/46 07/43. Assistant Cook, Service Company Service Battalion, Marine Corps Base, San Diego. 01/44, Field Cook, Rear Echelon, HQ & Service Battalion, Fifth Amphibious Corps. 07/44, Field Cook, Service Company, HQ & Service Battal
  15. It's a Company guidon, Alpha Company, 5th Battalion, 32 Armor. Probably form the 1960's when they were in Germany. Look inside the bottom opening where it would slide onto a pole. There maybe a tag in there. Nice one. Should be Tanker yellow, but it's faded. Still a good piece. Nice find.
  16. Since joining the forum some years ago, it has opened more rabbit holes than I can imagine. So with that said, here is an un-named Tank Destroyer grouping I was able pick up. Just seeing a couple of the TD patches tucked under some other things in the grouping, I knew I had to jump on it. Was nicely surprised when it came in the mail. Now I wish I had kept the TD pillow cover I found at the Sacramento Antique Street fair to use as a background to support this group.
  17. Threw this up on another forum, but seems like the right place to put it on here as well. Three whisker flaw
  18. Great patches. Any interest in spinning the Desert Shield /Storm patches? 

    1. MilitaryPicker1941


      Not looking to sell any at the moment. Which ones are you interested in? I’ll give you a heads up if I decide to let some go.



    2. easterneagle87


      The Saddam Desert Shield and the 82nd Avn Desert Storm patches. 

  19. Unfortunately no. It was an ike. Once the item sells on Letgo, the pictures aren't accessible. That is unless you know another of their items and can go to there account and look at "sold" items.
  20. Great items. Ever think about spinning the Red Cross vehicle sign, let me know.
  21. Would like to know more about these jackets worn by West Pointers. I had a senior officer wear his around during our casual time. I know the number mean something. Is the 66 for the year - 1966? Any value to them?
  22. The jacket was listed on Letgo out of Fresno. After several attempts to contact and request to buy, nothing. So woke up this afternoon and saw it was posted as "sold". Did a forum member acquire it? Speak up if you did! Good for them if so. Maybe it can be researchable.
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