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  1. This book was a present from a very good friend (cadet friend from ROTC Advanced Camp whom was gracious enough to give me a space to live while I attended Avn Officer Basic Course at Ft. Rucker, AL) . He purchased the book and actually COL Sage knocked on my door late one night. Here was an old man who gave me his book. I had no clue what was going on and he told me to open the book. When I opened it, I said thanks. He asked, "Did you read - or something to that effect - and I said there is nothing there." He realized he had given me the wrong book, told me to follow him and then had me follow him to his house so he could give me the correct book. Pretty incredible experience when I look back on it. COL Sage was Steve McQueen's character in the movie, The Great Escape. I am blessed!



  2. 1 hour ago, LuftStalg1 said:

    So she just doesnt like CA so she blocked you, that is just weird!  A sale is a sale for crying out loud.



    I believe I was blocked, because she said she doesn't ship. So when I went to plead my case; veteran, honest, etc., it was just easier to block any further chats.  

  3. Saw this on Letgo last night of a "WW1 PH". I have interest so I made contact. This is the only picture that is posted. When I asked it it was named and for a shot of the back. Replied it was named and it was from her husband's uncle. ,They saw I am from California, stated they don't ship and blocked me. Initial offer was for $75 and I see it's at $100. I still have interest, need a contact out there to acquire. Yes, I'm throwing it up for all to see and I know it can be first come, first serve. - you animals jk ... jk. 


    Without shots of the back to see the engraving and pin, I do have concerns to buy blind. If anyone is out there and might lend a brother a hand, the town is Pikesville, MD 21208 


    IMG_2819 (1).jpg

  4. On 7/12/2020 at 9:16 AM, garayg said:

    Hi.  I went through Army ROTC at San Jose State University from 1982 to 1986.  One of the first cadet activities I signed up for was the cadet Ranger program. It was six weeks long, first two weeks was the tough phase- PT at 0 dark thirty, learning some basics like using a CEOI, PRC 77 radio, assembly disassembly of the M16, patrolling techniques, hand and arm signals, etc. All this was completed between 0450 and 700 during the first two weeks,Monday through Friday. Then we went to our college classes. After the first two weeks, we then went to Fort Ord for a weekend of "instructor led" patrols.  We then returned to campus where went into the patrolling phase, patrolling in local parks (with San Jose Police permission) twice a week, 0500 to 0700, and then back to Fort Ord for three days of evaluated patrols. This exercises even included air assault missions. We used blanks and MILES gear. After that, we had a written and hands-on exam, and then a board. If we were successful, we would be presented a black beret with a yellow and green flash and we wore the SJSU ROTC Spartan crest on the flash, along with a blue and gold Ranger tab to be worn on the uniform.  It was very popular but as someone said above, this sort of thing may have fallen out of favor with everyone wearing a beret now and with the addition of Ranger Challenge. This cadet training I received did help me later on at the Infantry Officer Basic Course and  the real Ranger school at Fort Benning where I earned my tab.  I went on to serve 28 years as an infantry officer.  I still have that black beret from my cadet days. I have attached a picture. Rangers Lead the Way!

    sjsu beret.png


    That is pretty amazing. The fact that your Ranger Challenge program was that intense shows credit to SJ St U. I did Ranger Challenge at Eastern Wash U, but it was a small contingent. We were given black berets to set us apart from the other cadets. We didn't even have flashes at the time. A couple years later they acquired (not through official sources) a red/white flash (school colors). My "Ranger" tab was red/white as well. After my first year they got the black/yellow Ranger Challenge tab, but I wasn't on the team any more.   

  5. 3 hours ago, Salvage Sailor said:


    Those look like Koi or Carp, not Seahorses and although Marian could be a male name (European male derivative of Maria) it's most likely either a female sailor or navy dependent's belt buckle.  It could also be a souvenir piece made for "Marian" back home.



    I guess I got excited trying to see more into this than the simplicity of what is there. Yep, they are fish. these have been a pretty interesting category to look for.  

  6. Here is an interesting buckle on ebay right now. Is it a sweet heart piece? I known Marian may not be just a female name, but could be a souvenir for them.  Do the sea horses represent "diving" . Good Philippine "Subic Bay" example.

    Philip buckle Subic.jpg

  7. On 8/11/2017 at 12:35 PM, coli8344 said:

    Here is another hard to find patch I came across and have added to the collection. It's a 351st SMW Whiteman AFB Deactivation/Mission Complete Patch. This was designed by Greg Ogletree, USAF MAJ Ret. which I have mentioned before on a few posts. Great guy, my understanding is he designed it when he saw that Whiteman hadn't designed one like some of the deactivated Titan bases had.



    Cool stuff and another rabbit hole to collect that I'm always interested in. Interesting on this design that he used the Boy Scout Order of the Arrow Indian Chief logo to complete this patch.   

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