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  1. 2 hours ago, patches said:

    Do believe that there is the Ledo Road patch Sean, the Theater Made types came in a lot of different variations.


    Here are but two of the many seen.


    And your Standard U.S. Made Fully Embroidered Version.36587-1.jpg.7dda0827cdedd545a1e837cf0d05b0b5.jpg



    I don't agree. I believe it is a CBI patch. The object on the left is a circle (Nationalist Chinese symbol, the object on the right is a star) 

  2. On 7/31/2020 at 2:16 PM, seanmc1114 said:

    Lieutenant Ernest Childers of the 45th Infantry Division (left) offers a cigarette to his former schoolmate at ChiloccChio Indian School, Sergeant Bill Goforth of the 102nd Infantry Division. June 3, 1944. Note Lt. Childers is wearing the ribbon for the Medal Of Honor earned in Italy in 1943.



    45th Infantry Division.102nd Infantry Division.jpg


    This is a great shot! The first thing that caught my eye, is the MOH ribbon is upside down. I know, I know, picky, picky. 

  3. Was my birthday weekend and wanted to get out of town. Went to the North Coast (Eureka / Arcata) area and hit some haunts. Was fun to find some stuff. Since the Alameda Peddlers Fair was closed for COVID, wanted to take the wife whale watching out of Santa Cruz, but no sitter for the dog  this was the next best bet. 


    Some of the stuff I found; a double patches 81st INF / Pacific Command Ike. Sterling CIB and mixed single ribbons were in the pocket. I say mixed because the American Defense medal ribbon is the Navy 1/2 inch version. A stack of WW2 USMC 3rd Amphib patches, photos (most which I'll post to the forum), a Mexican Border Service medal (numbered), 1950 26th INF photo book with 8x10 photos w/a lot of CIB's and sewn ribbon racks and a Philip belt buckle (already posted in that topic). Un-named WW2 Bronze Star and Army Good Conduct medals.      



  4. Continuing this thread, BUT ... while on vacation I got his personalized beaut !


    W. H. Fox, w/crossed anchors in top left corner. Nicely engraved. Engraved on the back, B. Lopez &n Sons. 


    If you have info on this sailor, engraving company and time frame when done. Please pass along. Thanks.



  5. 4 hours ago, patches said:

    The rank notwithstanding, they could very well be little  older then they look and be WWII Retreads, lets say making them in 1952 26-27 years old, it would have to be after February 1952 this photo, the date the 2nd Award came out, and before the Blue stuff came out in August 1952 in any event. The TC guy, maybe a branch switch after being in combat with the 2nd Div?


    That is a possibility. I went and found the listing again (eBay item number: 124259347954). The photo is dated Dec 8, 51. And with the location as being Japan. The date is close enough to your scenario to put it in the ballpark. Let's spit ball this a sec. They aren't wearing any other ribbons, not even Korean Theater. No combat patch on the right shoulder of the Infantry guy on the right,. No overseas bars or enlisted service stripes. This is early enough in the War that they probably didn't come to theater with much. A basic, flat uniform set up in their duffle or footlocker and off they were shipped. Did they just arrive right off of the line and sent for a little R&R?  Who knows. To me the CIB looks Occupied Japan made. Look how low the 2nd award star is on the badge. Overall a good discussion.    

    CIB 2 -2.jpg

  6. This is an interesting picture I just saw on posted on ebay. A pair of Korean War, 2nd Infantry soldiers. Definitely see a Private chevron on his sleeve, BUT ....  wearing 2nd Award CIB's !!! The quartermaster wasn't paying attention when they were handing these out. OR ..bought the wrong ones while outside the gate.  Another find, is the guy on the left have a Transportation collar disc on?    

    CIB 2.jpg

  7. On 6/18/2020 at 1:42 PM, Cap Camouflage Pattern I said:


    US military personnel go through the chow line at base camp during Exercise SHADOW HAWK, a phase of BRIGHT STAR 87. The US Central Command/Joint Chiefs of STAFF exercise provides US forces with the opportunity to operate with Jordanian military forces, work in a desert environment and check the effectiveness of a joint communications network

    9/1/1987 Subject Operation/Series: SHADOW HAWK / BRIGHT STAR 87 Base: Aqaba Country: Jordan (JOR) Scene Camera Operator: PH2 Elliott, USN

    Can you tell what badges the guy on the right has on? Gold para on the bottom, but I don’t see the extended wings  of its normal construction. I’m plus he’s A baseball cap and not an 8 point  cap. This was the 80’s so who knows. 

  8. Yeah, the guy blocked me too, because I pestered him about shipping. How simple is it!?! I send you $ and most times a return envelope, Drop them, seal it and slip it into a mail box. EAZY - PEAZY


    Now that I've exposed it, not like it hasn't been already seen, it'll get sucked up. HELP A BROTHER OUT! 😁  

  9. OK, so I don't have this. BUT, I'd like to get it. He's only asking $5, but won't ship. It is posted on Letgo and is located in zip; 06451, Meriden, CT


    I've bird dogged it, any out to flush it out? 


  10. Saw this ad for sale on ebay when I searched, "military lot" 




    Seller is: nemo.001 , and the location listing is:  Cayce, South Carolina, United States


    Is this a forum member?  looks like a decent collection. 


    Didn't know where else to put this as there really isn't a good topic for, HERE IS STUFF, or Location Finder. I started a thread called "Help a brother out", but so far it hasn't gotten and love. We all search for stuff and occasionally find an item but the seller won't ship. So, unless your network is huge and advanced, you can't find someone near to ask if they'll "help a brother out".  If this was already posted, then the word is spreading. Happy hunting.      



    SC liqd 1.jpg

    SC liqd 2.jpg

    SC liqd 3.jpg

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