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  1. Got this couples portrait and am a fan as a former Army Aviator. BUT ... one ribbon on his rack has me stumped. WW2 ribbons with Senior Army Aviator wings. The last ribbon has equal stripes, but it doesn't match the American Defense Medal or the UN Korean Medal. Can you name it?
  2. Respect your opinion/comment, but as a former 80's soldier, the color for that period just doesn't match. Army uniforms using the term "serge wool" is from an earlier period. It's just odd. Defense Personnel Support Center? Not DLA or DSA
  3. Got this women's hat and had questions. What branch of service? Odd green color. No grommet hole for an EGA. Tag inside is named, Serge OG 108, Contract No. 9008-75. So 1975 production?
  4. Picked this Navy Nurse pin up in a junk bin. When did the pin insignia face change from "NNC" to a plain leaf / acorn? This one is sterling but the pin is broke.
  5. Here's one I found today at the Sacramento Antique Street Fair. There is an issue with it, as it is only the front. The back has been ground off. Probably so it could be re-affixed to another buckle that accepts a regular size belt. It's just speculation on my behalf. So this face has good subject matter, USS Pintado - SSN-672. Reading in Wiki - it has good subject matter as it had two collisions in it's career. The Sac show has been COVID closed since March. There was plenty of foot traffic and I was glad for a chance to go out and "dig".
  6. Pretty sure it's a high school "track" foot that you'd sew onto the letter of a letterman's jacket.
  7. Listed as a "Vietnam era" buckle, but clearly shows an F-14 tomcat. So I'm guessing later like the 80's. Maybe it's the guy who worked on Maverick's Tomcat!
  8. Ok, so by now I have picked up a few of these. Ok, more than I’ve realized. Previously a member posted a nice wooden display rack. I’m thinking simpler. Would these slide along a section of belt, so that you could display A line of them? A little over 3 inches long, standard 32 Inch waist Could accommodate 10 buckles? Put a little rail at the bottom to rest on. Four belts mounted horizontally w/ 10 buckles would become a heavy monster to hang, right? ok, these are primarily picked up and worn by navy personnel, so what color of belt? Khaki? , white? Black? Both officers and chiefs
  9. I got my 1969 jungles or “hot weathers” when I was with A Co., 6-101st Avn Bn when we deployed to Honduras El Sal in 1989.
  10. Out junking after my training class was done, I came across this Cootie cap in an antique mall. I didn't get it, but thought I'd at least post the pictures here. Not sure if the all of the plastic animals attached are a symbol of status or just decoration. They were pretty proud of it at $110.
  11. Neat little buckle I saw in an antique store In an Sacramento today. Don’t know if it is engineers or sea bees with the dozer in the middle of it.
  12. If y'all use Mercari, here is a notice I just received from them. Mercari is another seller site that most of us have used either to buy and/or sell. To our Mercari community, We're reaching out to let you know of an upcoming change. Beginning October 1, 2020, all new listings will include a 2.9% + $0.30 payment processing fee when the item sells. On November 1, 2020, this processing fee will be applied to all existing listings. No matter how good something sounds or works, there are NO free rides or lunches. Everybody wants a piece of the pie. It is capit
  13. Another in a different lot, From the same seller: UISS Swordfish , WEST PAC 85 Item # 254699717339
  14. Interesting buckle listed in a mixed lot on ebay. "SCRAMBLES" , "CV-ASWN" , USS RANGER item # 264843824067
  15. Here is one I saw posted on Letgo a couple of years back. I tried to make contact with them, but it was all crickets. I think it was out of the Vegas area. Did anyone grab these?
  16. I'd like to see his ribbon bar! That would be a colorful fruit salad
  17. As a former Army Aviator, this section is fantastic!!
  18. Saw this Ike on ebay and thought I'd post it. Tag says 1943 and has 15th AF patches, but why the shoulder boards? Are they Brit?
  19. A lot of Philippine associated units organizations. I think some real gems.
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