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  1. Out junking after my training class was done, I came across this Cootie cap in an antique mall. I didn't get it, but thought I'd at least post the pictures here.  Not sure if the all of the plastic animals attached are a symbol of status or just decoration. They were pretty proud of it at $110.





  2. If y'all use Mercari, here is a notice I just received from them.  Mercari is another seller site that most of us have used either to buy and/or sell. 


    To our Mercari community,


    We're reaching out to let you know of an upcoming change. Beginning October 1, 2020, all new listings will include a 2.9% + $0.30 payment processing fee when the item sells. On November 1, 2020, this processing fee will be applied to all existing listings.


    No matter how good something sounds or works, there are NO free rides or lunches. Everybody wants a piece of the pie. It is capitalism and it is a business.  Just thought I'd gibe you a heads up.  




  3. On 5/23/2020 at 7:59 PM, Salvage Sailor said:


    I have CBM George Sanderson's C.S.C 12050 - Service on Civil War era Sloops of War, Coast Survey Ship, Screw Gunboats, Screw Sloop of War, Protected Cruisers, Captured Spanish Gunboat (Samar), first BB's, Hospital Ship, Schooner Rigged Steamship, Armored Cruiser......Service from 1882 to 1922, Great White Fleet, Banana Wars, Span Am War, WWI and voluntarily recalled from 1942 to 1945 as a CBM(PA) to push Boots at Treasure Island too when he was in his 80's!


    BMC George Sanderson 012 USS OREGON BB-3 Gunnery Crew.jpg


    44 years of Active Duty service and reappointed by Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox in WWII becoming the oldest active duty serviceman in the Navy.



    BMC George Sanderson 004.jpg


    BMC George Sanderson 007.jpg


    BMC George Sanderson 009.jpg


    Photo:  80-G-359957: CBM George “Sandy” Sanderson, 81, oldest man on active duty in the Navy was nearly swamped by WAVES when he visited Portland, Oregon, recently and appeared at the Navy Mother’s Club tea on Navy Day. Surrounding him are: Ensign Betty McCreary; Y3/C Marie Inzio; Ensign Elizabeth Hill; Lieutenant Junior Grade Caro Reece; Ensign Mary Montford; and Ensign Inez Cridge. Photograph received March 4, 1946. Official U.S. Navy Photograph, now in the collections of the National Archives.


    BMC George Sanderson 013.jpg


    I'd like to see his ribbon bar! That would be a colorful fruit salad :)

  4. Antique store finds and in mixed drawers. I just culled them out because of the uniform shots. Got home and saw that they all had the same family name "SELSOR" 


    So four photos in the lot.

    (1) Two couple shot - Navy combat Air Crew wings visible w/gunners sleeve rate. 2 gals (wives, sisters?) 13th AF CPL ribbons: GC, Pacific Theater & Philippine Liberation.

    (2) Dale Selsor in fight gear during training.

    (3) Gerald P. Selsor, group shot,  Ft. Lewis 1933, looks like 3rd INF Div SSI on a left shoulder.

    (4) PVT Gerald Selsor, Ft. Lewis, 1933, little target practice. The pistol looks smaller than a .45. 


    OK, so here is my time line issue. Gerald Selsor and Gerald P. Selsor. Big photo un-dated but looks to be taken at the end of WW2, due to patches and ribbons. Then the 1933 dated shots at Ft. Lewis. Is it the same person? If so, Wouldn't he be eligible for the American Defense medal? Is it because the possible break in service 1930s until re-enlistment in WW2. 







    Selsor 1.jpg

    Selsor FAM 1.jpg

    Selsor FAM 2 A.jpg

    Selsor FAM 2.jpg

    Selsor FAM 3.jpg

    Selsor FAM 4.jpg

    Selsor FAM 5.jpg

    Selsor FAM 6.jpg

  5. Saw this coat in a local antique store. Quartermaster tag is dated 1935.


    What model would this be? And it's really nice. looks a lot warmer than a regular field jacket. Would this.. OR I just I should ask, Could this have been worn into WW2?  



  6. Not sure myself. I see it, but with so many different tax rates it has got to be a crap shoot. It is a "state" sales tax, but each municipality (city, county, sate) may be slightly different. The address I live in is the county where the tax rate is .0725%. The nearby city is .0775%. 


    Basically when I sell something on ebay, I figure my "profit" potential as:

    Cost of item = x

    ebay fees = .20

    NOW - sale tax charged = rule of thumb .0775 or .08 (ebay .2 + tax .08 = .28, round up to .3) 


    $10 x 1.3 = $10.30, I do this as a hobby and for pocket $ (so I can buy more stuff 😄),  so I figure for me to break even (time not included - come on we're out there hunting!) I need to get $10.30 to break even on a $10 item. 


    A little long winded, but the reality of e-commerce is here. Face it, you got to pay to play. Taxes suck, but they due pay for essential services we take for granted (roads, parks and services - don't bash me, it is what it is).  If you don't want to pay sales tax, then find your own avenue to sell customer direct. Yes, Ebay is it's own monster, but it is the worlds largest garage sale and for the average Joe, it's easy to use.  Who didn't buy their stock in their early days and make a mint. I know I did.  There are others to use; Letgo, Mercari, Facebook market palce, etc. Pluses and minuses,  with each. I call it a "hobby" but overall someone else came up with the idea of this "business".     


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