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  1. What is your largest toy jeep?
  2. Is it me, or does it scream band uniform? Are there tags or other indicators that point towards military.
  3. I believe I was blocked, because she said she doesn't ship. So when I went to plead my case; veteran, honest, etc., it was just easier to block any further chats.
  4. If someone does grab this, please post for all to admire.
  5. Saw this on Letgo last night of a "WW1 PH". I have interest so I made contact. This is the only picture that is posted. When I asked it it was named and for a shot of the back. Replied it was named and it was from her husband's uncle. ,They saw I am from California, stated they don't ship and blocked me. Initial offer was for $75 and I see it's at $100. I still have interest, need a contact out there to acquire. Yes, I'm throwing it up for all to see and I know it can be first come, first serve. - you animals jk ... jk. Without shots of the back to see the engraving and pin, I do
  6. That is pretty amazing. The fact that your Ranger Challenge program was that intense shows credit to SJ St U. I did Ranger Challenge at Eastern Wash U, but it was a small contingent. We were given black berets to set us apart from the other cadets. We didn't even have flashes at the time. A couple years later they acquired (not through official sources) a red/white flash (school colors). My "Ranger" tab was red/white as well. After my first year they got the black/yellow Ranger Challenge tab, but I wasn't on the team any more.
  7. I guess I got excited trying to see more into this than the simplicity of what is there. Yep, they are fish. these have been a pretty interesting category to look for.
  8. Consider the angle it went it. High on the crown and straight through.
  9. Here is an interesting buckle on ebay right now. Is it a sweet heart piece? I known Marian may not be just a female name, but could be a souvenir for them. Do the sea horses represent "diving" . Good Philippine "Subic Bay" example.
  10. So as long as I use PayPal they'll just dump the $ there. On the other hand … If someone pays by another source, then this money will go into my attached checking account?
  11. Lots of stuff there. I got good advice in my early days of collecting from Jack. Even have a bunch of his books.
  12. Here is one on ebay now. Pretty cool with lots of destinations.
  13. Been on the hunt for these and bit the bullet, now I got two! They just arrived yesterday. I'm impressed by the quality.
  14. Cool stuff and another rabbit hole to collect that I'm always interested in. Interesting on this design that he used the Boy Scout Order of the Arrow Indian Chief logo to complete this patch.
  15. I had one of these as well and wondered if it was real. So I am glad there is another example.
  16. My contribution... love this era, such class. I do believe it was a pain in the a$$ as well. Polishing, primping, etc., but God they look good!
  17. IMO, I think it is a 1950's to 1960's piece. Tan uniform, green overseas hat, tie tucked in, yellow PVT chevron. Folk art for sure. Would be neat if it were out of Oregon.
  18. Not sure what DPM is. I'm thinking older school, 80's stuff before digital.
  19. In the first picture, does anyone see the similarity of Brit pattern desert camo? Almost a washed out version of them. General officers have a good deal of sway when it comes to custom stuff.
  20. Here's the pic of the stamp on the back. It's for sale now, item # 324046657065
  21. Saw this on ebay and hope it hadn't been posted before, US officer getting a medal from the French officer who is .. wearing a 12th US Army Group patch .. at the end of the war.
  22. Send him out again!! Great eye for stuff!
  23. There was one offered in Eastern Washington some years ago. I saw the article and wish I would have ear marked it some how. But is was only offered as a lease and not a purchase.
  24. These were offered on Letgo but I believe they were sold.
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