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  1. Halloween 2020, COVID sucks but lets get out there and hit those racks. Billy the nose picker and the Goth horde are looking to take away those good uniforms that sahould be in your collection!  Who are we? Collectors and the keepers of history!  We are not quitters! So get out there and accomplish your mission!


    Here is what is offered at my local GW. Nothing special, the best piece hanging was the Navy Aviation Senior Chief's khaki jacket (with bullion rate). Not my cup of tea, so I did a catch and release.    

    GW military rack 2020.jpg

  2. So I've been posting pics as buckles appear. But here's a thought I had for consideration. There are lots of Navy buckles (Aircraft, ships, SeaBees, etc.), Coast Guard, a couple of AF ones and few early Army ones, so what about Marines? I saw three of the larger oval style for Marines (USMC CH-46, USMC w/A-6 & a Recon) and a regular style Para buckle posted in this topic. Any other examples? Surely, there were plenty of Marines to go through Subic and other Philippine ports who got buckles.   

  3. They dropped the price so I picked up this Navy Supply Corps, Ready For The Sea, buckle. Looking at his other auctions, I totally missed the "named" brother; John Baumgarten, SUBASE Pearl Harbor.  Interesting, did they mis-spell "Sub Base" and run it all together?    

    John Baumgarten Supply Corps.jpg

    John Baumgarten Sub Pearl Harbor.jpg

  4. Here's one I found today at the Sacramento Antique Street Fair. There is an issue with it, as it is only the front. The back has been ground off. Probably so it could be re-affixed to another buckle that accepts a regular size belt. It's just speculation on my behalf. So this face has good subject matter, USS Pintado - SSN-672. Reading in Wiki - it has good subject matter as it had two collisions in it's career.  


    The Sac show has been COVID closed since March. There was plenty of foot traffic and I was glad for a chance to go out and "dig".   



  5. Ok, so by now I have picked up a few of these. Ok, more than I’ve realized. Previously a member posted a nice wooden display rack. I’m thinking simpler. Would these slide along a section of belt, so that you could display A line of them? A little over 3 inches  long, standard 32 Inch waist Could accommodate 10 buckles? Put a little rail at the bottom to rest on. Four belts mounted horizontally w/ 10 buckles would become a heavy monster to hang, right? 

    ok, these are primarily picked up and worn by navy personnel, so what color of belt? Khaki?  , white? Black? Both officers and chiefs wore khaki or tan. Everyone wore white. Has anyone else thought this way? Thoughts? 

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